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It’s time for creating the perfect fall garden

Plant perennials now.
Plant perennials now. Compulsory Credit: GAP Photos//Christa Brand - Weihenstephan Gardens

▪ It’s time to buy pumpkins — just wait until closer to Halloween to carve them.

▪ Benches and fall go together so well. We all need a place in the garden to relax, to read a book, to text a friend or just to enjoy the cooler weather and fall leaf colors. When buying a bench, buy quality. I like teak; it matches just about any garden theme. Remember to place your bench in a location that has a great view, and make sure it’s comfortable.

▪ Now is the best time to buy and plant fall perennials. If your favorite nursery is low on perennial plants, ask them to get them in stock. Plant perennials now through the end of November.

▪ Now is a good time to clean the metal surfaces of garden tools. Using steel wool and a household oil, rub the surfaces to remove rust and corrosion. The oil will help prevent future rust.

▪ Over-seed warm season grasses such as Bermuda with rye grass before the end of October. Avoid over-seeding centipede lawns; it can weaken growth in the spring.

▪ Go for it! Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs. Do not plant when the soil is wet or muddy. It makes a huge mess and it is not good for the roots of the plants.

▪ Now is the time to schedule an appointment to winterize your irrigation system. This will minimize the damaging effects of winter, and save you lots of money in the spring. More questions? Call or email us today.

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