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Time to clean out summer weeds, divide perennials

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▪ Fall is the very best time to design and plant the landscape. Save time and money with a professional design.

▪ Now is the time to dig and divide perennials. This will encourage healthier plants and better blooms. Discard diseased or low performing plants.

▪ Clean weeds and debris from summer beds. This reduces disease and insect problems, plus the beds will look neater.

▪ Sow seeds of cool season crops such as spinach, kale, turnips and lettuce.

▪ Prune gardenia, ligustrum, boxwood, yaupon, juniper and any shrub that will not bloom or have berries this fall and winter.

▪ Remove privet from every part of your yard, it is a nuisance shrub that will become invasive through landscapes and forest.

▪ Finally, the rains have stopped! It’s feast or famine. Turn the irrigation on and get out the hose.

▪ Spring blooming daffodils and tulips are in stores now. It’s time to buy them and start planting. Add them to fall containers for spring blooms. The more the merrier!

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