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Time to clean gutters and fertilize plants

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▪ In general, prune flowering trees and shrubs for up to two months after they bloom. Pruning after this point will cut next year’s flower production.

▪ Sadly, St. Augustine lawns have become so problematic with disease and insect issues, I no longer recommend or suggest this lawn type. Centipede or Zoysia are superior selections.

▪ Add some soothing sounds to the garden with a wind chime. Larger wind chimes provide richer tones. Look for quality, and spend a little extra.

▪ Now’s the time to fertilize annuals and perennials.

▪ If your gutters overflowed during the recent rains, it is time to clean them. Clean gutters help protect the plants below and your foundation.

▪ After a good rain, it’s a perfect time to transplant trees and shrubs.

▪ If fire ants are building mounds in your yard, it’s time to treat the landscape with a bait-type insecticide. I have excellent results when I broadcast the entire yard, rather than treating individual mounds. Try boric acid powder as an effective alternative. It takes a little longer, and you will have to treat the individual mounds (a little goes a long way).

▪ It’s still too early for fall mums, unless you just enjoy these plants.

▪ It’s time to start searching for fall blooming perennials. Remember, we are trying to set up the landscape so that something is always blooming!

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