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Put these 8 items on your garden to-do list

We are experiencing a typical Georgia summer — a lot of rain for a few weeks, and then drought for a few weeks. Make sure your landscape is full of plants that like dry and wet conditions!

As I’ve said before, use tough and hardy varieties that have been proven to stand the test of time.

A good landscape designer will steer you away from specialty plants and toward the proven performers.

Here are some items to add to your garden to-do list this week:

▪ Now is the time to take a look around the landscape. Make a wish list of projects and garden ideas to work on this fall. Hire a landscape designer to make that wish list into a reality.

▪ Container gardens are really starting to look their best. For great container designs, visit me at the Fern Valley Facebook page.

▪ In the vegetable garden, pick okra when it’s 3- to 4-inches long for best flavor. Check the plants every other day.

▪ “Knock Out” roses will bloom better if you prune back the shrub to 12 inches.

▪ Prune dead and dying branches from trees and shrubs. This will prevent disease problems from spreading.

▪ Fall blooming perennials are arriving at nurseries. Select healthy plants now to extend the bloom season into the fall.

▪ Fertilize basil with a balanced liquid fertilizer now. Cut off the seed heads. Try not to use herbicides or insecticides on or near edible plants.

▪ Kudzu making you crazy? Try this. Mow or string trim the area where the vine is growing. Wait about 10 days for new growth to start. Spray the new growth with a herbicide at maximum dilution strength. Works on ivy, too!

Todd Goulding provides residential landscape design consultations. Contact him at fernvalley.com or 478-345-0719.