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Oakleaf hydrangea should be in your garden

Give oakleaf hydrangea room to spread out in the landscape.
Give oakleaf hydrangea room to spread out in the landscape. Getty Images/iStockphoto

▪ Oakleaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea quercifolia) are blooming now. Grown in shade to part sun, this shrub has few problems. It features creamy white flowers, large leaves and excellent fall color. It blooms on new growth. There are some new varieties on the market that are worth a look. Oakleaf hydrangeas grow to 6-by-6-feet in time, so give them room to grow. This is a “Todd Terrific” shrub that no shade garden should be without!

▪ Keep buying annuals and perennials for color in the garden.

▪ Use a mulching mower when cutting the lawn. You will use 30 percent less fertilizer when grass clippings are left on the lawn. Thatch problems are not created by grass clippings left on a lawn that is mowed regularly.

▪ It’s time to prune all spring-flowering shrubs and trees, such as azaleas. Remember, do not shear azaleas. Instead, prune the branches individually to keep the plant in shape.

▪ Now is the time to pinch the tips of garden mums to keep them from flowering too early. And, if they already are blooming, just enjoy. As the flowers fade, cut the plants back by half, fertilize, and they will bloom again in the fall.

▪ Plant ornamental grasses for a super landscape look. Plant in a sunny location. Stay away from pampas grass. Instead, use dwarf grasses such as dwarf purple fountain grass or muhly grass.

▪ Remember, when undertaking any landscape project, start with designing and constructing/building the hardscapes first.

▪ More landscape tips and ideas are available weekly at fernvalley.com.

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