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Tips for buying poinsettias for Christmas color

Poinsettia plants offer festive color throughout the holiday season.
Poinsettia plants offer festive color throughout the holiday season. Getty Images/iStockphoto

This year has really gone by fast! But, my friends, there is still plenty to do to get ready for Christmas! It’s time to buy poinsettia plants now for color throughout the holiday season. Here are some tips for buying them.

▪ Pick plants that are rich in color with no browning at the leaf tips. There should be no signs of wilting from a lack of water.

▪ Buy plants that are free from disease and insect problems. Turn several leaves over and inspect them for unwanted holiday pests.

▪ Poinsettia should have a group of tight yellow buds at the center of the colorful brackets (flowers). If the yellow buds have started to open, the plant is past its prime.

▪ Once home, place your poinsettia near a window with at least six hours of bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid placing it near drafts, and keep the plant soil slightly moist, not soggy.

▪ These holiday plants come in a variety of colors. As with any design, try to coordinate the flower colors with the colors of your decorations.

▪ Buy a colorful holiday container for your poinsettia. Those “shiny plastic things” that the plant is in when you buy it are meant to be temporary. Now you know!

▪ One final note: One very large, colorful, healthy poinsettia makes a more dramatic and tasteful statement than a bunch of tiny plants!

▪ On a personal note, I’m not a fan of the poinsettias with sparkles or artificial coloring on the flowers. Give me some of those ole fashion Christmas poinsettias, please!

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