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Get a head start on falling leaves

Getty Images/Ivary

Autumn is almost here! The leaves from the cherry trees have already started to fall. This year, get a head start! Here are the rules of leaves:

▪ Don’t bag the leaves and put them at the street. There is no room at the landfill and that’s too much work.

▪ Don’t burn the leaves. This is a fire hazard and pollutes the air.

▪ Don’t let the leaves stay on the lawn for long. This damages the grass.

▪ Do mow the lawn and leaves with a mulching mower. The leaves just disappear, with no raking needed.

▪ Do rake the leaves and put them in the compost pile.

▪ Do rake the leaves into a pile and run over them with the mower, to make mulch for landscape beds. This can also be done with a chipper/shredder.

▪ Do buy a blower that also vacuums and mulches and put the mulched leaves back into your beds.

▪ Do rake the leaves into a big pile and jump in them with your kids or loved ones.

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