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Waffles instead of burger buns? This Middle Georgia spot serves up a twist on bar food

Growler USA may seem like a typical burger and beer spot in Middle Georgia, but the cuisine is anything but ordinary.

The small, national chain has 24 restaurants across the U.S. Two are in Middle Georgia — one in Warner Robins and the other in Macon.

We tried a meal at Growler USA location on Mercer University Drive for #FoodieFriday by the Telegraph and Positively 478.


The appetizers at Growler USA are pretty diverse.

The mac ‘n’ cheese bites are one of the standouts on the menu. It offers a southern twist on the dish, as it is deep fried in a batter.

We opted for the buffalo chicken dip, my go-to at any restaurant that offers it. What makes this dish different is the naan bread that’s served with it. It was very complimentary of the dip that was served in the skillet. The dip had a good kick, but wasn’t too spicy.


They have a large variety of entrees, including shrimp tacos, wraps and chicken and waffles.

The stars of the menu are their unique burgers. Most are themed and offer interesting flavor combinations like the Philly cheese steak burger or the Jamaican-inspired burger with ghost pepper cheese.

Jenna Eason opted for the Sunrise burger with a sunny-side egg and bacon. She ordered tots as her side. She said the burger was larger than most she orders at restaurants and thought the egg complimented the sandwich.

I went for the Breakfast for Dinner burger with fries. It consists of the patty, bacon, a sunny-side egg drizzled with syrup. Buns are replaced with a pair of Belgian waffles.

The patty itself was juicy, the bacon was well-cooked and the sunny-side egg was a nice touch. But the waffles really set this dish apart. It does turn it into a fork and knife meal. I tried picking it up for the first bite and would not recommend.

The waffles are crispy and stand up well with everything that is going on in this burger. It is the perfect balance of sweet and savory and could be considered an entree and a dessert.

They also offer one of the largest selections of beer on tap in Middle Georgia.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites: $7

Buffalo Chicken Dip: $9

Breakfast for Dinner Burger: $12

Sunrise Burger: $9

Growler USA:

Location: 1530 Mercer University Dr in Macon.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Price range: $7 to $14

Justin Baxley is the fan life reporter at The Telegraph and writes stories centered around entertainment, food and sports in the Macon community. Justin joined the Telegraph staff after graduating from Mercer University in May 2017 with a degree in criminal justice and journalism. During his time at Mercer he served as the sports editor for The Cluster.