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From Super Bowls to the wall of fame, this Mercer Village wing shop is a staple in Macon

Carl Fambro’s wings has been putting smiles on the faces of his customers for 26 years.

His restaurant, Francar’s Buffalo Wings in Mercer Village, has developed a strong following and is a popular lunch and dinner spot in Macon.

The walls are lined with memorabilia from all generations of customers who have eaten at Francar’s. Fraternity pictures, high school T-shirts and newspaper clippings of people from around the community are often brought to Fambro personally so the items can be part of his wall of fame.

“Everybody wanted their bit of history up here,” Fambro said. “I love it.”

Here’s our review of the meal for #FoodieFriday by the Telegraph and Positively 478.

Mercer Gold sauce:

Mercer Gold is a honey mustard base with the perfect amount of sweet and heat, Fambro said, making it the most popular sauce at Francar’s.

The sauce, made with black pepper, represents Mercer’s colors — orange and black.

Mercer Gold was born when Francar’s opened in Mercer Village.


Francar’s is known for its wings so we decided to get 20 wings and five chicken strip. We each also ordered fries. There are nearly 40 wing sauce choices on the menu, it is worth adding some extra flavor.

The sauces are divided into four categories based on heat, with level one being mild and level four being the most hot.

We tried four sauces:

  • Honey barbecue (level one)
  • Tangy peach (level two)
  • Boomerang (level two)
  • Macon heat (level three)

Jenna and I felt that boomerang was the spiciest despite it being in a milder category. The Macon heat sauce packed a punch and had a sweet note. Our favorite sauces were honey barbecue and tangy peach.

The strips are generally my favorite dish on the menu because it is a lot of chicken without the mess. We got the strips these covered in Mercer Gold sauce and they were delicious.

Francar’s also has burgers, seafood and veggie options on its menu.

“We are still known for our wings,” Fambro said. “But we’ve got something for everybody.”


A sweet treat can help cool down your taste buds if you go for level three or four wings. We tried red velvet cake and carrot cake and both were fresh and moist. The carrot cake featured fresh coconut.


Wings: 20 for $19.99

Strips: Five for $7.79

Fries: Small for $1.99

Red Velvet: $3

Carrot Cake: $3.50

More about Francar’s Buffalo Wings:

Fambro has been around Macon his entire life. He is a graduate of Central High School and Mercer University. He returned in 1993 after a stint in the Army to open Francar’s on Log Cabin Drive.

He made the move to Mercer Village at 1365 Linden Avenue in March 2009.

“When we got here, it was a whole other world,” Fambro said. “We probably do three times the business here than we did over there.”

Some of his biggest moments have revolved around sports. Wings are popular for Super Bowl parties and Fambro says the restaurant was “pure madness” when the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl in the 1998-1999.

“We sold everything. We had like five wings left at the end of the night,” he said. “I told my folks up front to lock the doors.”

Another memorable moment was watching his alma mater knock off Duke in the NCAA tournament. People lined Mercer Village to watch and cheer for the team.

“I think everybody was overwhelmed by the response not just from the school but from the community,” Fambro said. “They were just happy to see Mercer playing on national TV.”

A lot of Fambro’s regulars from the Log Cabin location make the drive to Mercer Village to eat, he said.

“We have a lot people who started out in ‘93 and now their grandkids are coming in here, ” Fambro said. “It makes me (feel) a little ancient at times… it has been worth it. It has been fun.”