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Pimento cheese and chili? This affordable Macon sandwich shop likes to mix it up

Macon lunch spot offers good food at an affordable price

Reporters Justin Baxley and Jenna Eason go to Joe D's on Ingleside to eat lunch for #FoodieFriday.
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Reporters Justin Baxley and Jenna Eason go to Joe D's on Ingleside to eat lunch for #FoodieFriday.

When Joe and Karen Mullendore purchased an existing restaurant space in August 2000, the couple didn’t want to change much.

They changed the name to Joe D’s but kept most of the previous menu the same. They did add some of their own specialties like hot dogs and baked potatoes.

The Mullendores had a goal — keep the regulars happy but offer up new and exciting food, too.

It’s been nearly 20 years since Joe D’s opened in place of L R Pepper’s, and the affordable menu and simple cuisine keep Maconites coming back through the doors.

“We have a little bit of variety for everybody,” Joe D. Mullendore Jr. said. “We like to keep it interesting and not have the same thing every day.”

Here’s our review of the meal for #FoodieFriday by the Telegraph and Positively 478.


The famous chili at Joe D’s can be eaten on its own or atop salads and hot dogs. It has lots of meat and beans and is seasoned well.

Topping a baked potato with chili is highly recommended at the shop.

If you want an extra helping with your meal or have some at home, a cup of chili by itself is under $4.


There is a variety of choices on the menu and there are always specials, including the popular rib sandwich. At the urging of Caleb, one of the employees, I opted for the scrambled dog. It is a split open hot dog with mustard, chili and a coleslaw topping. The cool slaw complements the chili well and the hot dog would be good on its own.

I also grabbed an egg salad sandwich. It was creamy with big pieces of eggs. Eating it feels like a nod to the similar sandwiches served at The Masters golf tournament in Augusta. Joe Mullendore said he used to frequent the tournament with his family.

Joe D’s also offers another Masters favorite — pimento cheese. But the two biggest sellers are the roast beef and turkey sandwiches. Each are served on the diner’s choice of bread.

Jenna went for the taco salad. The portion size was large, and the salad was loaded down with chili, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. It made for good leftovers.

She raved about how good the chili was on top, making the salad more hearty and filling.


We tried the salted caramel cheesecake and red velvet cookie. The cheesecake was sweet and salty as it should be and was decadent and rich. The cookie, freshly-baked, was chewy and delicious. While the cookies are large, they are one of the lighter dessert options at Joe D’s. The Mullendores like to mix up the sweet treat offerings, so the dessert menu can change on occasion.


Chili: $3.50

Scrambled dog: $5.50

Egg salad: $3.75

Taco Salad: $5.95

Cookies: $2

Cheesecake: $4 per slice, $30 for whole cheesecake

More about Joe D’s on Ingleside

If you’re a first timer, Joe Mullendore suggests trying the pimento cheese sandwich with a side of chili.

Lunch at Joe D’s won’t break the bank. Nothing on the staple menu costs more than $8. Some of the daily specials, though, can cost up to $10.

Joe D’s is open for lunch Monday through Friday.