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This ‘little oasis’ in Forsyth is easy to miss, but the Mexican cuisine is a local favorite

This ‘little oasis’ is a favorite in Forsyth, and we went for #FoodieFriday

Reporters Justin Baxley and Laura Corley went to El Tejado, the Mexican restaurant in Forsyth, with videographer Jenna Eason to eat some food for #FoodieFriday.
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Reporters Justin Baxley and Laura Corley went to El Tejado, the Mexican restaurant in Forsyth, with videographer Jenna Eason to eat some food for #FoodieFriday.

El Tejado is easy to miss.

The Mexican restaurant in Forsyth is quaint — it’s tucked next to the town’s Econolodge.

But inside, as locals know, there’s delicious and affordable Mexican cuisine that keeps regulars coming back for more.

Reporter and Forsyth native Laura Corley took Jenna Eason and I to El Tejado for lunch this week. Here’s how our review of the meal for #FoodieFriday by the Telegraph and Positively 478.

Cheese Dip:

Is it really a meal at a Mexican restaurant if you don’t start with cheese dip to accompany your chips and salsa?

El Tejado’s queso is creamy and had a surprise kick of a jalapeno flavor.

The shaved jalapenos in the dish did not overpower the flavor of the cheese. The portion size was generous.

The chips seem to have more heft than we were used to, and they were crispy and accompanied our appetizer perfectly.


The sheer volume of choices can be a bit overwhelming for a first timer.

The menu is vast and includes traditional combination dinners, fajitas and a salad named after a local sheriff.

I opted for the Plato El Tejado. This is far too much food for one person. It comes with a taco, a chili relleno, a beef tostada, a beef burrito and chicken flauta.

The biggest standout from the plate was the chili relleno. It offered up the well-seasoned beef that came on a lot of these dishes while also adding a perfectly-done pepper inside. I had more than enough for another meal.

Jenna got the vegetarian burrito. She said it was tasty and offered a change of pace from what she would normally order. She also enjoyed the broccoli in the dish, an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

Laura ordered her usual fajita quesadilla with grilled chicken. She has been coming to El Tejado for a long time and remembers coming with her parents over the years.

She said the chicken was very flavorful but raved about the smooth guacamole on the side.

We also ordered a pair of tamales to share. Laura said they were the best she had ever had. It is a must order when you come here.


Don’t forget to save room for the dessert — the sweet treats at El Tejado stole the show.

We ordered the fried ice cream and an apple burrito. The fried ice cream came with strips of cinnamon chips and was drizzled with a chocolate sauce.

The apple burrito was the biggest surprise. The apples were fresh and cinnamon that topped the burrito added an additional level of flavor. It was served with a side of ice cream and was a modern twist on a traditional dessert.


  • Plato El Tejado: $12.25
  • Vegetarian Burrito: $8.75
  • Fajita Quesadilla: $7.49
  • Each dessert: $3.49
  • Cheese Dip: $3.99

More about El Tejado:

El Tejado has become a staple in the Forsyth community.

“It tastes like home. I can’t think of a time I’ve been there and not seen at least a handful of folks I know,” Laura said.

People come back for more than just the delicious cuisine.

“For a long time, this was only sit down place in town to go out with your folks,” Laura said. “I think the community comes to them...It is a little oasis for the locals.”