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This farm-to-table restaurant in Macon will remind you of granny’s cooking

‘I think I could live off sweet potatoes.’ We went to Grow for #FoodieFriday

Videographers Jason Vorhees and Jenna Eason went to Grow to eat lunch for #FoodieFriday. Here's what they thought about their experience.
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Videographers Jason Vorhees and Jenna Eason went to Grow to eat lunch for #FoodieFriday. Here's what they thought about their experience.

Walking into Grow on Riverside Drive is like walking into grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. The smell of gravy, cornbread and fresh greens from the garden fill the air in this farm-to-table restaurant that promotes eating local and healthy.

Videographer Jason Vorhees and I had lunch at the restaurant for Positively 478’s #FoodieFriday.

The boiled peanuts

When we sat down at the table, our lovely server, Victoria Irby, brought us boiled peanuts. I consider boiled Georgia peanuts to be a delicacy, so having some as a free appetizer as soon as I walk in the door is a definite plus.

Any free appetizer is great, but the peanuts show how Grow is dedicated to locally sourced food, and it gives you a taste of Georgia right off the bat.


Grow features dishes that are filled with locally-grown food, so it is easy to imagine that most entrees are traditional suppers in people’s houses.

I ordered the organic hamburger steak with gravy and two sides. If a restaurant has sweet potatoes as a side, I have to try them. I also ordered black-eyed peas.

The hamburger steak with gravy was seasoned well, and it was placed on a bed of rice. I was expecting mashed potatoes, but I was pleasantly surprised with the rice. The starch helped soak up the rich gravy.

The sweet potatoes were perfect. It tasted like there was just enough butter in them to have a slightly salty taste to bring out the sweetness of the actual potatoes. The black eyed peas were soft and well seasoned.

Jason ordered the Keto salmon bowl that included grilled salmon, a boiled egg, spinach, sauteed vegetables and avocado. He said the salmon was cooked well and lightly seasoned.

He said he liked how the vegetables were lightly sauteed so that they still had a crunch to them. He said it all tasted super fresh.


We also ordered an apple pie slice and a brownie with berries for dessert.

The apple pie crust was sweet and crumbly, and the whip cream was refreshing. It felt like the perfect way to end the meal.

The brownie was rich with chocolate and the berries helped lighten up the sweetness.


  • Organic Hamburger Steak costs $10.50.
  • Keto Salmon Bowl costs $10.50.
  • Apple Pie and Brownie with Berries costs $4.95 each.

More about Grow

Grow will be hosting their last pop up lunch at 11 a.m. Saturday with Italian recipes cooked by Adam Ragusea and Chef Michael Ventimiglia, according to their Facebook post.

Irby, the front of the house store manager, said Grow’s menu changes regularly.

“Our menu changes probably every couple of weeks,” she said. “Whatever’s in season, we will get that and put it on our menu.”

She said Grow wants to give people a healthier experience while promoting locally grown food.

“Grow is all about farm-to-table food. We get a lot of locally sourced items,” she said. “The goal of grow is to encourage people to buy local.”