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Gas station owner robbed of earnings outside his Warner Robins apartment

The owner of a Fort Valley gas station was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of his Warner Robins apartment of $1,500 in store earnings late Wednesday.

Pathan Sardarkhans, 43, said Warner Robins police told him that the two men who robbed him had probably been watching him at the store and followed him to Lenox Park Apartments off Margie Drive.

Sardarkhans said he was carrying groceries from his vehicle when the two men approached him and demanded everything he had. One displayed a weapon, and the other had one in his pocket.

Sardarkhans said, "I told them, 'Don't shoot me. I'll give you everything!'"

He told authorities he threw down the groceries, his prescription medication he was carrying in a bag and a magazine. He also gave them his wallet with the $1,500 and his cell phone.

The suspects, who were wearing dark clothing, took it all and disappeared.

A Warner Robins police report of the 10:35 p.m. incident stated one of the suspects was hooded or wore a coat over his head.

Sardarkhans said he was upset the apartment complex had no working surveillance cameras and that the entrance gate for the gated community was open that night.

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