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Macon eatery gets its sushi right; deli not so much

Do you love sushi and hibachi but you don’t like the high price usually associated with it? Are you someone who loves knowing you’re getting a deal that less-knowledgable people might not be getting? Then I have your answer.

In the shopping center near the movie theater on Zebulon Road in Macon, ATL Deli and Sushi hides quietly in plain sight. Inside, you walk to the counter to order, and they let you know when it’s ready to come pick up. While there’s no hibachi table, you can watch the sushi being made right in front of you.

If I could separate the sushi and hibachi from the other items, I would have given ATL a much higher rating; the 2.5 rating is an average of a 1.5 for the Deli and a 3.5 for the sushi and hibachi. Their sushi rolls are excellent, at least on par with much more expensive restaurants in town. We went with the less exotic rolls, the California and the Bubba, but the quality of these two were so high, I would try something more interesting next time. For only $3.95, the California roll has 6-8 pieces and tastes very fresh. The “crab” in it does have a “k” but so do most other Macon sushi restaurants. The Bubba roll was extraordinary, with fried shrimp, avocado, and cream cheese on the inside and steamed shrimp and “crunch” on the outside, all for just $7.95.

Knowing what I know now, I would come back and order the sushi and sashimi combo platter for $14.95, with five pieces of sushi, six sashimi (sushi without rice), and a tuna or salmon roll. The tempura rolls also sound good, around $6 for a lightly fried sushi roll like the Godzilla or Dynamite. The hibachi meals are all about $8 and come with unlimited yum yum sauce.

The other items we tried didn’t fare as well. The fried catfish was good, but the fried whiting was definitely not. The chicken strips and French fries were nothing special. The chicken Philly was very good, especially for only $5.49, but the fried shrimp were just OK. The wings were fine, but not as a sole reason to come here.

I think if ATL Deli and Sushi were to feature the Japanese items and just have the other items for people who don’t like Japanese food, they would do very well. Perhaps their customers will show them what they like best, and their mastery of sushi will rise to the top.

Address: 5966 Zebulon Road

Phone: 478-330-7328

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11-10, Friday-Saturday 11-10:30

Payment: cash, credit

Smoking: no

Alcohol: no

Kids Menu: no

Noise Level: low

Wheelchair accessible: yes

Health Rating: 97

Website: no

Price range: $4.99-$14.95

Rating: 2.5 stars