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BoJo's Boardwalk Cafe falls short

Few things can make or break a restaurant, but when they do, it's serious. BoJo's Boardwalk Cafe didn't have too many things on their good side, and I wasn't turned on to the place either.

The decor was a fusion of beach theme and Georgia Bulldogs, a partnership I don't think worked. Despite the wall decor, I did like that most of the restaurant was made with wooden booth seats, wooden tables, wood everywhere. It was the one good thing about the atmosphere. On a Saturday night, expect an older crowd with lots of drinking, because of the bar, and expect the football game to be on TV.

As our waiter came to get our drinks I scanned the menu hoping to see something good. Let me note that our service was extremely good, despite the crowd. This is a make-it-or-break-it quality and congrats, they made it. But don't get too excited because a restaurant is nothing without its food. While looking over the menu I had a difficult time choosing what I wanted --- because there wasn't much I did want.

My eyes did catch some things on the menu though. There were a few Bojo's sea shell salads like the fresh catch salad, $9.95, and the Bo-shrimp salad, 8.95. A shrimp platter, $$14.95; lobster cake platter, $16.95; and a catfish filet dinner, $13.95, also were on the menu.

Then I came across something unusual, Bojo's quesadillas for $7.95. What? That's not seafood. Isn't this a seafood restaurant? But wait, then I saw the rest, Bojo's Phillies, burgers and Bo's. You can get a Philly cheese steak three different ways, with beef, $7.95; chicken, $7.95; or catfish, $8.95.

The burgers were $6.75 and I'm still not quite sure what the "Bo's" stood for. There also was a dish called Bojo's original dawg tails. The 'dawg tail' consists of a piece of meat, beef tenderloin or chicken tenderloin, served on two grilled French rolls.

After great deliberation, I decided on what to order. We got the jalapeno poppers for our starter and I decided to go with the surf and turf, market price, with mahi-mahi, steamed veggies and stuffed potato. My company decided to get the Bojo's shrimp platter, with coleslaw and a stuffed potato.

Our jalapeno poppers didn't take too long to come out and were a success. It took a while for our food to come out but once it did I was ready for it, too bad it wasn't what I expected.

My surf and turf was hardly impressive. My steak had little flavor and my mahi-mahi had this horrid garlic topping that, to me, ruined the fish. As for the veggies, I didn't even eat them. They were completely inedible, and I'm a sucker for some good veggies. The stuffed potato was a nice touch though. It was the only thing on my plate I actually finished.

My friend's shrimp were quite good. But to me, the winner of the night was the coleslaw. I must say this was some good coleslaw --- creamy, not runny and light to the taste. I was utterly impressed, a first for the night.

All in all, I would say the night was a loss. Unfortunately good service and coleslaw is not enough to make a restaurant in my book. But I guess if you add a stuffed potato and some jalapeno poppers, it's enough to some.

BoJo's Boardwalk Cafe

3021 N. Columbia,


Two stars

Phone: (478) 453-3234

Hours: 4 p.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Saturday

Kids menu: Yes

Wheel chair accessible: Yes

Vegetarian selections: Yes

Dress: Casual

Reservation: No

Price range: $1.95- $23.95

Payment: Credit cards (Visa MasterCard), cash

Health rating: 90

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