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The sushi satisfies at Kuroshima

Everyone loves a fun night of ethnic food. If you're in Milledgeville, I'd suggest you check out Kuroshima for your next night out with friends. With good company and good sushi, your night is sure to be entertaining.

You'll find Kuroshima tucked downtown on popular Hancock Street. Not only is the location good, but the dcor is an interesting mix of new and old. The building has traditional English detailing, but much of the decor is inspired by Asia. Mix that with some of Art Deco chairs and you have yourself one interesting environment to dine in.

I was so stuck on the room that it took me a few minutes to think of checking out the menu. Kuroshima offers appetizers such as King Crab Claw, $2.95, Shrimp Spring Roll, $2.95, and Teriyaki Chicken Wings, $2.95- $6.95.

The dinner menu is pretty typical for a Japanese steakhouse. Chicken Teriyaki, $9.55, is a popular meal. Steak, shrimp, calamari and scallops are all on the menu, all between $10.75 and $11.95. Meals with two or more meats are offered at different prices.

Kuroshima offers lunch from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. with prices ranging from $5.65-$7.95. The lunch items are basically the same as the dinner menu.

Its sushi menu features a variety of rolls, including the California, tuna, salmon, Alaska, rainbow and many more. All the rolls range between $3.25 and $11.95. Kuroshima also has sushi by the piece ranging from $1.75-$2.50.

When it came time to order I had just figured out what I wanted. I ordered a California roll, $3.75, for an appetizer and the chicken teriyaki, $9.55. My friend ordered the steak and shrimp, $12.60. We got our soup and salad while we waited for our food to come.

The sushi didn't take long since the sushi bar was only a few feet away from our table. The sushi was good: The rice was pretty sticky and the roll tasted fresh.

Our food came out not too long after. I wasn't as impressed with the main course. I felt the rice could have been fresher and the entree could have come with more vegetables. Practically all I got was onions and only one piece of broccoli. There could've been much more to that plate. The chicken tasted fine to me. My friend liked his plate, but agreed on the veggie dilemma.

All in all I would say that Kuroshima is a place worth trying. The location, decor and food make for one pretty good restaurant, but Kuroshima, this is for you: Next time don't skip out on the veggies.


140 W. Hancock St., Milledgeville

Two and a half stars

Phone: 478- 451-0245

Hours: 11a.m.-9:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Kids meals: Yes

Dress: Casual

Alcohol: Yes

Smoking: No

Health rating: 100

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Payment options: Credit cards, cash

Reservations: No

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