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If you’re a General Tso’s fan, try this Bonaire place for some of the best ever

Special to The Telegraph

Some restaurants do reall well on certain things and not so great on others, making it difficult to rate them. If you know how and what to order at Wok & Rock in Bonaire, you can get a delicious cheap Chinese meal.

Good things first. The General Tso’s chicken is fantastic — huge serving, tender chicken, perfect sauce. The crab Rangoon actually has crab in it, a rarity in any Chinese restaurant. They allowed us to split the order of eight dumplings into half steamed and half fried, all of which were delicious. The hot and sour soup and the fried doughnuts were exactly as expected.

The three other dishes we chose were not as good, almost completely due to the sauce. Both the pepper steak and the chicken and broccoli were cooked until tender but the sauce had a beefy flavor that was off-putting. I had never ordered Subgum Wonton before and I received a beautiful serving of shrimp, chicken, and roast pork surrounded by rosette-shaped beef wontons, but the same brown sauce made it unappetizing. Also, the fried rice is actually yellow rice with pork and not very tasty.

The dining room is a big dark and dingy place with a retired buffet bar taking up most of the space. Better to order by phone and pick up your order, though there’s nothing wrong with eating there if you are with a fun group. Prices are quite good: $7.95 for most of the combination platters with rice and egg roll, regardless of the time of day. The lunch special includes your entree, a soup, and your drink for just $6.35.

Another plus is that they have the traditional Chinese to-go containers in two sizes, with a pint costing around $5-$6 and a quart costing around $8 or $9. If I were having a Chinese meal at home like in an ‘80s Christmas movie, this is where I would order from.

It can be a little tricky to get here, especially if you use an online mapping app. Look for the Larry’s Subs and Winn Dixie’s signs, as the Wok & Roll sign is a bit dark at night. Try that General Tso’s — it’s really delicious.

Wok & Roll

Address: 789 Ga. 96-2G, Bonaire

Phone: 478-988-8385

Hours: 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday

Payment: credit card, cash

Smoking: no

Alcohol: no

Kids menu: yes

Noise level: low

Health rating: 98

Delivery service: none

Price range: $5.35-$12.95

Rating: 2.5 stars