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Sure, the cupcakes are adorable, but are they delicious? As a matter of fact, yes

These are 12 flavors of cupcakes available at Felicia’s Cake Factory, including carrot cake, peanut butter, and their signature almond.
These are 12 flavors of cupcakes available at Felicia’s Cake Factory, including carrot cake, peanut butter, and their signature almond. Special to The Telegraph

Felicia has her marketing down. The website is well-made and attractive, the storefront is precious and she got her name out in a big way during Visit Macon’s Burger Week. Her burger-shaped cupcakes with French fries cookies and icing ketchup sold out each day they were offered and almost everyone in town heard about them.

Much of Felicia’s business is making customized cakes and desserts for parties and events, but this review covers only the storefront part of the enterprise. Located near Cherry and Third streets, the location makes it easy to pop in and grab a cupcake, cookie or banana pudding to go. We went around closing time on a Thursday and bought one of everything they had left.

The detail we loved most was the labeling of the cupcake flavors on the clear dozen container. Like the cupcake version of a Whitman’s sampler, we could look on the lid to figure out what flavor we were about to try: red velvet, strawberry shortcake, peanut butter cup, vanilla, chocolate indulgence, cookies-n-cream, carrot cake, key lime, coconut and almond. Flavors not available when we came by include caramel, rum, German chocolate, banana, marble and lemon. For an extra 50 cents, we also got one of her famous Hennessy cupcakes. Buttercream frostings include almond, chocolate, cookies-n-cream, lemon, peanut butter, swiss meringue, strawberry, vanilla, German chocolate (coconut-pecan) and cream cheese.

All of our cupcakes were moist but a bit small, made much larger with a generous crown of frosting. Our favorite flavors were the signature almond, the carrot cake and the key lime. Cupcakes start at $3 each but get cheaper by the dozen for $24. You can also get two flavors in a jar together for $5.

Our pumpkin-shaped sugar cookie was not very flavorful and was a bit dry, but our chocolate chip cookie was outstanding. The cookies-n-cream macaron was an interesting out-of-the-box treat as well, and the brownie was pure fudge-y indulgence.

Even though there’s no room to sit and have your snack, the shop itself is adorable. With a gleaming counter full of goodies as the first thing you see as you enter, this little shop is sure to do gang-busters once that marketing message starts to flood the internet.

Felicia’s Cake Factory

Address: 365 Third St., Macon

Phone: 478-703-5020

Hours: 11 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday

Payment: credit card, cash

Smoking: no

Alcohol: no

Kids menu: no

Noise level: low


Delivery service:

Price range: $2-$5

Rating: 2.5 stars