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These Rutland high graduates are ready to rock the Bragg Jam stage again

Bragg Jam kicks off in a few weeks and the lineup is set for the two-night Macon music festival. The Telegraph is putting together a series on some of the acts that you can see on the Bragg Jam stage.

This week we are highlighting the band Hindsight. The group is made up of four Rutland High School graduates: Caleb Melvin (vocals), Hunter Pettis (drums), Jake Viator (lead guitar), Brent McKinney (bass guitar).

The Telegraph sat down with Pettis and Melvin to get to know the band better.

How did Hindsight form?

Pettis: I think we all kind of reconnected after high school in 2016 a year after Brent, Jake and I graduated. Caleb graduated in 2014. Caleb just hit me up one day looking for a drummer. We met up at this place 5/4 Music Space in downtown Macon. Brent and Jake were there and we had a little reunion I guess you could say.

Melvin: We all started jamming and we were like let’s make a band. It was kind of funny how it worked out. Just funny and ironic like “why didn’t we form this band five years ago.”

What has the support been like for the band in the Middle Georgia area?

Melvin: We don’t expect everybody to come to every show. It’s 2019 and there are more things to do than to go see a band play. There is an entire world of possibilities of things to do. So considering that fact and the support that we’ve gotten, it is a reflection that people are definitely behind us.

Pettis: I feel super thankful that those people are there for us as much as they can be. It is always super cool to see the familiar faces but I also like to see the ones I have no idea who they are.

How cool is it for you guys being from Macon to get to play at Bragg Jam?

Melvin: This will be our third year playing it. It is kind of like hometown hero-type stuff. Not that we are in a headlining spot but I feel like we are working our way there. To see what we’ve accomplished in like three years, in a relatively short amount of time is kind of weird.

If someone hasn’t seen you guys in concert what can they anticipate at Bragg Jam?

Pettis: You can expect to dance your tail off and just have a really groovy time.

Melvin: It is like I switch over kind of from the regular old Caleb that you might see in the street and have a conversation with is now up on stage throwing his body around and yelling. And sweating. If you are in 10 feet of me, you are in the splash zone.

What are some songs that people should check out before they head to the show?

Melvin: “Can’t Complain” is one of my favorites. I like the words and the music and how they fit together. It is just a fun song. It has a lot of energy behind it. That is something with our sets I always try to keep the energy as high as possible all the time.

Pettis: Some of the slower songs can be kind of intimate and intense. The bigger songs just provide that energy that we are always trying to have. I think one of my favorite songs I like to play and people should listen to and learn if they don’t already know it would be “Loss for Words.” I love how that song is kind of bouncy. It makes me want to dance.

You guys tend to play a lot of original content. Why is that so important?

Melvin: I strive to play mainly original content. It is nice to throw a cover song in every now and then just to give people something they can for sure sing along to.

But I have always had the mindset of why learn other people’s songs when I can write my own. Me, personally, I am always trying to find influences from every genre.

What is next for Hindsight?

Melvin: Some new music and some new videos.

Pettis: We are almost going to rebrand. Not that we are starting something fresh but we are moving into a new era of sound for us.

Are there any other bands people should check out?

Pettis: Magnolia Moon. If you haven’t seen them yet, you’ve probably heard a lot about them they just released a new album.

Melvin: They really rip through the atmosphere when they get up to perform. The heart that they put into it is incredible.

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