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To be ‘in the know’ is usually just a click away

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I swear, this happens to me at least once a week: I see someone at an event like the Macon Beer Festival and our conversation drifts from “Great to see you!” and “I can’t believe this kind of awesome stuff is going on in Middle Georgia!” to “How did you find out about this?” and “Where can I find out about other rad stuff happening in our community?” (Yes, I know these people in my head sound like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.)

As someone whose volunteering gets in the way of his volunteering, I might be an atypical citizen — I’m way too plugged in for my own good. And with the delicate balance of my family and professional calendars, I have a pretty packed social calendar.

And you can, too! In just two easy steps…first send $6.99 plus shipping and handling to…

But seriously, you’re doing Step 1 right now: Reading Out and About, whether in print or at macon.com, helps you keep your fingers on the pulse of Middle Georgia’s entertainment scene. From the 10 Days Calendar and Gig Guide to the Jam Packed list and Arts Calendar, reading Out and About positions you to be informed and share Middle Georgia’s happenings with others.

Speaking of others brings us to Step 2: Facebook. I sure some of you right now are wondering if I’ve lost my mind — how can a social media behemoth improve my social calendar? In November of last year, Facebook got rid of the “Maybe” button on event pages and replaced it with the “Interested” button. The result? Facebook now suggests events based on your “like” history, interests, location, friends’ actions and popularity. Some people are social butterflies, but who knew that your social media actions can have a butterfly effect?

So what’s on my plate this week? Friday, I’m going to grab my shades and the family and head out to Middle Georgia State University for the Macon Pops’ opener, “Songs of Summer.” Saturday, I’ll support local farmers, artisans and makers at Macon’s first pop-up Urban Air Market at Third and Plum streets. After a short trip to Athens, I’ll return home for a culinary journey at the Tubman Museum’s International Taste of Soul.

Did something catch your eye in this week’s Out & About? Let’s all take a second to get online and “calendar up” — because you never know who might just be Facebook stalking you (to improve their social life).

Chris Tsavatewa is the director of experiential learning at Middle Georgia State University, and an overly engaged citizen. You can follow him on Twitter @chiefchippy and criticize his grammar.