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Grammy-winning country musician Marty Stuart coming to Cox

Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives will perform both old and new material Saturday night at the Cox Capitol Theatre.
Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives will perform both old and new material Saturday night at the Cox Capitol Theatre.

Five-time Grammy winning multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, photographer and historian Marty Stuart will bring his country sound to Macon on Saturday -- a show to replace a canceled April gig.

Stuart summarizes his love of music easily, “It is interesting to me that country stars can sing drinking and cheating songs authentically, then at some point during the evening or the broadcast, take their hats off and say, ‘Friends, here’s our gospel song.’ If it’s the right messenger it seamlessly flows. That’s a time-honored tradition, from Jimmie Rodgers to Hank Williams to Johnny Cash. Rogue prophets and rogue preachers. That is my world.”

“It’s not a job,” Stuart said definitively, decrying that a passion he considers more a need could ever be considered as mundane as a job.

According to his website, in the late ‘80s, “I was beginning to chase after hits, and it was tearing me apart. I had one record left on my contract with MCA, and I vowed to get back to the music I’ve always loved the most, and let my heart be the chart.’”

Stuart consulted his friend Johnny Cash for advice. “I went to his house and said, ‘J.R., I’ve got a record in my mind called ‘The Pilgrim.’ I laid it out to him, and he said, ‘Well, just know you’re stepping up for rejection. Potentially.’ I said, ‘I understand, but I’ve got to do this.’ He said, ‘If you’ve got to do it, that’s all the reason you need.’ So I made the record. It was a great critical success, and it was a line-in-the-dirt artistic moment of reconnecting with my true self, a piece of myself that I had hidden away years before, to go exploring.”

Now, Stuart believes that “the musical past is a wonderful place. We continue to be educated and inspired by it. The best way I know to honor it is to keep the songs alive; however, the most exciting place to reach for is the unknown, which to me is the musical future.”

Stuart definitely throws his musical muscle behind his ideals, past and present, which shows on his latest project.

“Saturday Night/Sunday Morning” is the title. It’s a double-disc set. Saturday Night is pure hard hitting unapologetic country music. Sunday morning is a trip into the deep waters of delta gospel music. It’s one of my favorite projects.”

For fans coming to the show, Stuart anticipates “Old songs, new songs, Magic in Macon, Me and the Superlatives love playing the Cox.” Performing, to Stuart, is about “the pure joy of performing and the instant gratification of applause. From the Superlatives’ first rehearsal, I knew this was the band of a lifetime,” Stuart says. “The Fabulous Superlatives are without question one of the greatest bands of our time. We have played ourselves out of the woods, and ‘Saturday Night/Sunday Morning’ is one of those milestone projects in the band’s legacy that truly brings the spunk and fire of the bandstand to the studio.”

For more information, visit www.coxcapitoltheatre.com/.

When: 8 p.m., Aug. 22

Where: Cox Capitol Theatre, 382 Second St. Macon

Cost: $35-$500

Phone: 877-987-6487