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Five children of famous musicians sharing their stories at the Douglass Theatre

Most of us can only imagine what it’s like to have a celebrity parent. The red-carpet treatment seems pretty cool.

There are times, though, when the children of famous people want to make a name for themselves. Sometimes they search to find there’s no escape from the legacy.

At 4 p.m. Sept. 9, “American Shadows: Experience the Stories, Music and Legacy” will feature Otis Redding III, Heather Hayes, Tre Twitty, Keisha Jackson and the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils, better known as the JAMP Band, founded by Deanna Brown-Thomas. This premiere session of “American Shadows” will honor Otis Redding III, Isaac Hayes, Conway Twitty, Millie Jackson and James Brown at the historic Douglass Theatre in downtown Macon.

Of course it makes sense for Otis Redding III to spearhead this production. He is one of the late Otis Redding’s three children. One of his goals is to open the doors for people to learn more about their favorite musicians in an intimate session, with stories and music from the children of the great entertainers. These moments are created to educate and entertain.

If you notice, the lineup of artists honored spans an array of music genres that includes soul, country, pop, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll and blues. The selection of the artists highlighted also shows diversity in gender and race.

Mark the date to attend this event. It could be quite therapeutic to your mind during such divisive times.

Ultimately, we are all humans in search of survival for ourselves and our families. If we use this as the foundation to forge political and economic policies, the scale wouldn’t be so skewed. Many times, artists serve as activists for change. Spoken word, song, visual art and dance are a few ways artists express their feelings about life, government, work and society.

“American Shadows: Experience the Stories, Music and Legacy” is a production that will transform the Douglass Theatre into a living room atmosphere. Music plays such an essential role in connecting cultures and generations. The storytelling will captivate the audience with narratives about the superstars from a perspective other than the media.

Yolanda "Y-O" Latimore is founder of Poetic Peace Arts and director of Like Water Publicity, a media and booking agency. She is also a Macon Arts Alliance board member. Y-O can be contacted at ylatimore@gmail.com.