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Sunday Funday returns to Fresh Produce Records

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There has been a change in the ingredients that make up downtown Macon. First off, there’s a new generation making an impact on this old town of funk, rock and soul. They’re using Macon’s musical legacy to springboard their own type of expressions and music. While the traditional live band sets exist at different venues, Fresh Produce Records brings out that eclectic new-age crowd.

Fresh Produce is located at 451 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. It’s a hybrid record shop and music venue. They work efficiently to make the most out of such a small space. However, the size of the spot and the stage make the experience up close and personal.

The artists and spectators who frequent this spot don’t look, act or perform in a typical type of way. They put an eclectic spin on everything they do. Believe it or not, they don’t care about society’s norm. Through the way they collaborate and present their art, they represent a melting pot of cultures and races.

Most nomadic people like myself know the power of the local record store. When you visit a new place, one of the first stops to find out what’s going on in the underground scene is at the local record store — especially the independent ones. No matter what part of the world you’re in, the deejays and musicians are a driving force of entertainment in any community.

The Fresh Produce crew led by William Dantzler is highly connected with many underground artists, and they do a great job of booking and introducing these novices — and accomplished artists — to the Macon scene. Every third Sunday of the month has been coined as Sunday Funday at Fresh Produce. It’s been on a hiatus, but Nov. 20 marks the return of Sunday Funday.

The lineup of performers includes a rap storyteller known as Trey Deuce, a rap rock star who goes by the name of Midas Wright and a rap pop artist they call Saint Jak. To top off the evening, DJ Y-Fii and DJ Shawty Slim will be in the house mixing and spinning the sounds. While mingling and waiting for the next artist to grace the stage, people are encouraged to check out what Fresh Produce has to offer as a retail record store.

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