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Five great games ready for summer

Even though the best games normally come out during the holiday season, I always got excited as a kid for the summer releases.

School was out, and I had unlimited time to spend with games. That was until I got a job, but even then summer games received more attention, because very little original television programming debuts in the summer and baseball is the only sport to watch. So video games received — and still do — a majority of my entertainment attention in the summer.

This summer already has some impressive releases lined up, but five games stand out the most.

The first potential summer blockbuster is Sony’s “inFamous,” which is only available for the PlayStation 3 next Tuesday.

The game puts the player in the shoes of Cole, a superhero who has the choice to help rebuild a city after part of it was destroyed by a bomb. It’s up to the player to decide whether Cole is the protagonist or the antagonist, based on the choices made during the game. It’s a sandbox game, so the entire city can be explored. “inFamous” has received some great early buzz and could be the true blockbuster game of the summer.

The other big-time, non-sports release this summer is Atari’s “Ghostbusters,” which comes out in June.

The story takes place shortly after the events of the second movie, picking up with an original story written by the movie’s stars, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

The game gets a huge boost from the support of not only those two, but also Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson to fill out the complete “Ghostbusters” roster.

“I’ve seen work on the video game, I’ve watched it progress, my rap now to people is ‘This is essentially the third movie,’ ” Aykroyd told Game Informer magazine.

The summer is always a big season for sports games, and this summer has three big releases from EA Sports.

The first — “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10” — comes out in early June.

This year’s game includes the United States Golf Association licensing for the first time, allowing gamers to play the U.S. Open. I think the game reached its apex last year in terms of gameplay, so it will be interesting to see what improvements are made there.

“Fight Night Round 4” follows “Tiger Woods” with a late June release.

The game will have a re-tooled boxing engine to go along with a huge cast of boxers that represent a broad spectrum of the sport’s history.

Finally, “NCAA Football 10” debuts in July.

The biggest addition to this year’s game is the ability to create a school and take it’s team into dynasty play.

This feature existed in previous incarnations, but it’s now making it’s next-generation debut.