WWE, Total Divas reality star ready for you to ‘feel the glow’ in Macon

WWE superstar Naomi will compete on Monday at the Macon Coliseum at the WWE live event.
WWE superstar Naomi will compete on Monday at the Macon Coliseum at the WWE live event.

She won a top women’s title in her hometown of Orlando at WrestleMania 33, is one of the stars of TV’s “Total Divas” and on Monday she will be among a group of WWE superstars that will entertain crowds at the Macon Coliseum.

Trinity Fatu, better known as WWE superstar Naomi, is excited to have fans in Macon come out and “feel the glow.”

“I really enjoy doing live events because you can interact more with fans,” she said. “You can have a little more fun at live events. Stay and talk a little longer with the fans. The fans love it, and it’s very exciting.”

This will be one of the biggest weeks in wrestling as WWE will feature the Evolution pay-per-view followed by Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 2. Before Naomi travels to Macon, she will compete in the first ever all-women pay-per-view event.

“Evolution is this Sunday. I will be in the battle royal. I am pretty excited about that because I will be in there with women from the past and the present,” she said. “First time ever, it is going to be history making, and I think it is going to inspire women for generations to come. We have just come a long way.”

While she is excited for the first ever all-women pay-per-view event, she already is looking forward to the next barrier for the women’s division to break through.

“I cannot wait for the women’s tag team titles. I want to be the first to hold them, being married to a tag team specialist,” Naomi said. “I love watching tag team wrestling. I think it is so exciting. I think I got a pretty good partner to make history with, and that’s Asuka. I am hoping that’s the next step.”

Since joining the WWE she also has been a part of the E! network’s reality show, “Total Divas,” which follows the lives of different female wrestlers from around the WWE. It gives her a chance to showcase her life with her husband, Jonathan Fatu, better known as Jimmy Uso. She doesn’t really have to switch gears much to go between the responsibilities for both, she said.

“It has kind of all become the same. My life is so much revolved around wrestling. My husband’s a wrestler,” she said. “It is kinda normal at this point to have the camera crew there just following us around.”

She is hoping the live event in Macon will not only attract the die hard WWE fans but first-time viewers as well. The event will feature other superstars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Charlotte Flair.

“We will be in Macon on Monday 7:30 p.m. Please come out and see some exciting superstars,” Naomi said. “This is going to be an exciting show. If you’ve never seen wrestling live, you will not be disappointed.”