Musical sounds of summer give Macon a chance to boogie downtown


Whether you are in the city of Macon or a rural road in Houston County, there is an unmistakable sound to summer.

On Friday, the first full day of summer, that sound in downtown Macon had a distinct musical flavor as people gathered for Macon Downtown Boogie as part of Make Music Day Macon.

Willie Collier, of 2 Style Entertainment, was the DJ for the day, and — with the thumping beat of dance music — opened the event, which was held on the small strip of a park at Cherry and Third streets.

Afternoon traffic continued to flow past the park with the sound of their engines blending with the music. A bouquet of balloons bobbed in a light summer breeze.

Collier said summer is all about music.

“I love music and so this is a perfect thing for me,” he said. “Summer is all about having fun, playing music, listening with your friend. There’s no better way to bring an entire community together.”

The dance music segued into gospel music performed by the Band of Angles Citywide Senior Citizens Center choir, which gave the folks on hand time to take a break before they hit the dance floor again.

As the afternoon continued, the first notes of “Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide)“ got more people up to dance and the party kept going.

Make Music Day is a celebration of music held on the same day in more than 800 cities in 120 countries.