Charles E. Richardson

Charles Richardson


Charles E. Richardson

RICHARDSON: Big shoes left to fill

Last week Macon lost a giant of a man that most residents didn’t know. He was, like most leaders, quiet. Most of the positions he held, while high, were not of the type where the spotlight burned brightly, but where the hard work involved benefitted the entire community. His name? Willie “Bill” Odom Jr.

Charles E. Richardson

RICHARDSON: Tired of the silliness

I guess as I become older, I’ve become less tolerant of silliness. It’s a virus that runs throughout our culture that masks the realities of life and the seriousness of some of the issues we face. I could point to young adults and say -- “looky, looky, how they stare at their phones” -- but just as my mind gets set to go there, along comes an adult in a trancelike stare at his phone.

Charles E. Richardson

RICHARDSON: Sweeping a dirt yard

You’ve seen her. Like me, you probably can’t remember where you’ve seen her, but you can’t erase her image. When I first saw her, she was up in years, standing in the front portion of her old, but clean, home -- and she’s sweeping her dirt yard. Not a blade of grass to be seen, but she’s sweeping the dirt yard. I’ll explain later.

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