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There is goofy and silly and then there's cheesy

There are plenty of things in this world that don’t make sense.

The clear No. 1 is bigotry of any kind. Someone is different from you or has a different lifestyle so something has to be wrong with them, right? Yep, it’s them. That not only doesn’t make sense, it’s just dumb.

But that’s another column for another day and probably another section.

Also up at the top of the list are people who coast along in their own little world at 55 mph in the left lane on the highway while the rest of us actually have somewhere to be. Move over already.

But this is a sports column, and there are also a lot of things in the sports world that are on the list, so let’s take a look at some of them that really bad.

The “I believe that we will win" chant: OK, yes this is the chant for the United States men’s and women’s national soccer teams. That’s fine. But every single college team doesn’t need to bring this out before every single game. It has become annoying.

Skits by baseball teams during rain delays: Silly and goofy are fine. Cheesy is not. These are cheesy.

Pregame basketball dance circles: These are really cheesy.

Yelling “Go in the hole!” or “You da man!” or “Baba-booey!” at golf tournaments: These people should be dragged off a golf course and never allowed back out there.

“Score the basketball” or “Nice golf shot:” Announcers trying to sound smart actually sound anything but. What else can a basketball player score besides the ball? What other shot can a golfer hit? Less is more.

Anyone who didn’t want a playoff for college football: Just admit you were wrong.

NCAA basketball’s one and done rule: It is killing the game on the college level and not helping the NBA. Basketball needs to go to the baseball plan. Have a viable minor league, and if players want to go pro straight out of high school, they can. If they don’t make it to the NBA immediately, they can head to the minors. But if they go to college, they have to stay three years.

Baseball’s All-Star Game deciding home-field advantage for the World Series: It’s ridiculous that home field to decide baseball’s champion is decided by an exhibition. Here’s a solution: Whichever league has the better record in interleague play gets the home-field advantage. It’s pretty simple.

Designated hitter in baseball for only one league: The original “doesn’t make sense” sports rule of having a totally different setup for each league. I’ve flipped on this one to the point that going to the AL rule and adding the DH to the NL is the way to go. I never thought I’d get to that point.

Straight-bill baseball caps: My two sons aren’t allowed to ruin their caps that way.

“Boogity, boogity, boogity:” Really enjoyed Darrell Waltrip as a driver. As a broadcaster? Not so much.

Throughout the week, I asked for submissions on Facebook and Twitter and agreed with some and didn’t agree with others.


Basketball and football players looking for a flag or foul on every play.

Basketball players looking to draw charges instead of playing defense.

The NFL appeals process.

Super slow-motion reaction shots of tennis or golf spectators.

Autograph seekers who are older than 21.

Grown men wearing jerseys.

Pitch count in baseball.

Fans booing when pitchers throw over to first base.

Teams’ use of video montages at basketball games that have nothing to do with the teams (or in many cases the sports) involved.

Fans’ obsession with 40-yard dash.


Pitchers intentionally hitting batters in baseball.

Bunts that go foul with two strikes being a strikeout.

Regular-season neutral site games in college football.


Clemson football team running down The Hill (a clear shot at my alma mater. This person will be blocked on Facebook).


Auto racing and golf series not having full-season champions.

Extra-point tries in football.

Any “sport” whose outcome is decided solely by a judge.

Rock N Roll, Part II.

Holding up four fingers to enter the fourth quarter of a football game.

Professional bowling.

Kiss cams.

The wave.

“S-E-C” chant.

If you have some of your own, email me (, follow me on Twitter (@DM_Shirley) or “like” our Facebook page ( and let me know.