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Well, I was wrong about the Hawks' first-round series. I said it would be a sweep, and it actually was the only first-round series to go seven games, while the Hawks' next opponent -- Orlando -- was the only team to pull off a sweep in the first round.

Well, at least the Hawks advanced, although they had to work a lot harder than they should have against an undermanned Milwaukee team. Are Hawks fans REALLY happy they won? It probably means Mike Woodson will be back as head coach (unless he leaves to work for Larry Brown with the 76ers if Brown takes over Philadelphia's operations).

So is that a good thing? Would the Hawks have been better off in the long run by not pulling off a comeback in the series by winning the final two games? Woodson would have been gone if the Hawks would have lost. Now? We'll have to wait and see.

But now Atlanta has to take on Orlando in the second round, starting Tuesday, and Orlando looked strong in the first round against Charlotte, even with Dwight Howard not playing well. Actually, I guess Howard played OK when he was on the court, but he had a lot of trouble with fouls in that series.

The Magic, obviously, are favored in the series. But I won't pick a sweep. The Hawks will win one game. Orlando in five.