NFL & Atlanta Falcons

Week 3 Titans


Top Scorer: Ben Roethlisberger

   I don't know if anyone predicted a shootout here but that's what we got.  With Isaac Redmon putting the run game in park, the Steelers have to sling it to win it.  Big Ben threw for almost 4 bills to go with 4 touchdowns!  Mike Wallace looked great to, he may be close to being back.

Honorable Mention: RG3

   Robert Griffin finally looked mortal and somewhat like a rookie.  His 221 yards and only 1 touchdown may not have impressed you.  But getting off the turf after the beating he took and getting his team in position is very notable in my book.  Not to mention his RB1 statline for rushing with 85 yards and a touchdown to boot.

Goat: Tony Romo / Phillip Rivers / Jay Cutler

     Tony Romo took it on the chin literally for the second week in a row.  He got close to 300 yards but threw no scores.  Phillip Rivers was playing from a huge hole for most of the game but found tough sledding against the Birds, not even reaching 200 yards passing with his two INTs.  Jay Cutler's team won, I guess that's a silver lining.  But no scores and he failed to reach 200 yards passing with weapons at his disposal.  How big was Matt Forte to the passing game?


Top Scorer: Jamaal Charles

   Somehow an 18 point deficit is the biggest comeback win ever for the Chiefs.  A Nice 91 yard touchdown scamper started the whole thing.  He was also big catching the ball too as his 4th down reception in overtime was the clincher to win the game. He may have only scored once but I think your fantasy football fan will take 288 total yards any day!

Honorable Mention: Maurice Jones Drew / Andre Brown

   Andre Brown injected the sort of instant gratification that fantasy fans crave.  He was the fantasy star of the first game of the week scoring twice and going over the century mark in relief of Ahmad Bradshaw.  And no one mentioned Maurice Jones Drew and his great effort in wild one in Indy.  He quietly got almost two hundred total offensive yards - NICE!

Goat: Chris Johnson / Stephen Jackson

   Chris Johnson makes the Goat list for the hat trick.  He still looks hesitant and it baffles me because the guy is healthy and young.  Where for at thou CJ2K?  Nice 29 total yards.  Also Stephen Jackson came back way too soon.  He didn't look same and hopefully he didn't aggravate his injury.  He led his team in carries but only produced 34 total yards


Top Scorer: A.J. Green

   What a stud.  A.J. made multiple big time catches gobbling up yardage and almost turning in the first 200 yard receiving game of the yearFolks are complimenting Andy Dalton for his progression but let's not forget this former Bulldog is only in his second year.  The sky is the limit for this deep threat.

Honorable Mention: Torrey Smith / Calvin Johnson

   Calvin Johnson honestly probably doesn't deserve my honorable mention.  He had above average numbers until Stafford got hurt.  Then Shaun Hill looked to him often and when it counted.  His big touchdown grab forced overtime and Megatron proves that he'll make any Lions QB look good as long as the ball goes his way.  And by now everyone has heard the moving story of Torrey Smith losing his little brother in the motorcycle accident less than a day before he went off on the Patriots.  I think both of his touchdowns were borderline offensive pass interference but if I was a ref I wouldn't have called them either.  Then again these refs weren't being compassionate I bet, just unqualified. 

Goat: Jordy Nelson / DeMaryius Thomas

   Wait a second.  Jordy Nelson played Monday night?  I thought he was the injured out and Jennings was the healthy one.  He was only targeted 3 times and caught two passes for a paltry 19 yards.  Lotta respect thrown to Brandon Browner.  Also Demaryius Thomas missed a touchdown chance or two and after a solid start to the season had a pedestrian 3 catches for 34 yards


Top Scorer: Heath Miller

   Heath miller went from injury question mark to fantasy paydirt catching 2 of Roethlisberger's 4 touchdowns. Clearly Pittsburgh's struggles on the ground are helping Heath here.  Eight catches are Antonio Gates type numbers too.  He may soon be on fantasy radars as a guy who's a free agent in 60% of Yahoo leagues.

Honorable Mention: Tony Gonzalez / Kyle Rudolph

   Kyle Rudolph is becoming Minnesota's only receiving red zone threat and he's cashing in on it.  Both of his TD catches were in traffic not easy grabs.  He's proving the draft room-nicks right for taking him in the first last year.  Tony Gonzalez gets an honorable mention for still getting done at the age of 73.  Nine catches?  Wow.  His pull up 3 pointer was a nice deviation from the dunk.

Goat: Rob Gronkowski / Antonio Gates

   Not to brag or anything but I don't own Gronk in any fantasy league.  Why?  Not because I don't like the guy, I just wasn't going to spend a 2nd round pick on him and thus others reached for this guy who was a good player his rookie season and just merely might have a had a career year last year.  Don't be hard on the guy.  Last year's team didn't feature a Brandon Lloyd on it.  Plus teams are game planning for him.  Gates is also on the Goat feature for only getting 3 passes for 22 yards when his team was in catchup mode from the get go.


Top Scorer: Chicago Bears

   Get ready for a nice stat line.  A mere 6 points allowed.  6 sacks.  2 picks.  A defensive touchdown.. and only 160 TOTAL offensive yards allowed.  Pretty dang sweet.

Honorable Mention: Arizona Cardinals

     The NFC West is fast becoming the division of defense.  Everyone knows the 49ers.  The Rams are underrated.  The Seahawks shut down an elite offense on Monday night.  And then the Cardinals cashed in on the giveaways you knew Vick was going to contribute.  A mere 6 points allowed.  5 sacks.  3 picks.  A defensive touchdown.

Goat: New England Patriots

     I really expected more from the Patriots.  Baltimore is explosive on offense but itsn't Bellichick's calling card supposed to be defense.  When Baltimore went no huddle the Pats looked gased.  No sacks for Joe Flacco and tons of penalties that ultimately cost them the game.