NFL & Atlanta Falcons

Whuta Start!? Fantasy Week One Matchups


1.  Aaron Rodgers - - Should San Francisco's top defense scare you?  Not me.  Rodgers isn't a different beast altogether at home and with how good their run defense is, he's Green Bay's main option for touchdowns and first downs for that matter

2.  Drew Brees  - - I hope Sean Payton at least get's NFL Sunday ticket or something.  Drew has a chip on his shoulder and has stones of steel for his twitter stances against Goodell this offseason.  He'll have a lot to prove in his home opener.  Redskins fans, this will hurt

3.  Tom Brady  - - Brady's offensive line hasn't looked great.  But what's looked worse so far is what the Titans call their secondary.  Let Tom feast

4.  Cam Newton   - - Even though it's a road game, this competition is light for red hot Cam coming off his record breaking NFL rookie season.  Hopefully Steve Smith is at full strength

5.  Eli Manning  - -  The Cowboys defense is respectable at times and I really like Ryan their defensive coordinator.  But Eli straight torches them everytime they play,  Look for a nicked up Dallas squad to have no answer for a 350+ yard passing day for the goofy Manning.

6.  Matthew Stafford  - - The only thing that will stop Stafford from being a top 3 QB pick in this sure blowout is the fact that they may be running the clock late in the 3rd quarter

7.  Tony Romo                                   13.  Ben Roethlisberger

8.  Phillip Rivers                                 14.  Jay Cutler

9.  Peyton Manning                             15.  Robert Griffin

10.  Michael Vick                                 16.  Josh Freeman

11.  Matt Ryan                                    17.  Andrew Luck

12.  Matt Schaub                                 18.  Joe Flacco


1.  LeSean McCoy  - - My No.1 rated fantasy back may get his best matchup in Week One.  Letta Eagle feast, this one could get ugly.  Say to the tune of 160 yards rushing 25 receiving 3 total touchdowns?

2.  Arian Foster  - - Ditto for most people's No.1 fantasy back.  Miami will be putrid this year and it's hard to predict who else will contend for the top pick in next spring's rookie Draft.  The only thing that will dent Foster's value is a Ben Tate closer coming in the 4th quarter

3.  Ray Rice  - -  The Bengals have the most underrated defense in the NFL and they get nary the respect they deserve.  Ray Rice, already such a big part of the passing game, will be featured even more on a team down two tight ends and featuring a slowing Anquan.

4.  Chris Johnson  - - Chris Johnson will get good total offense yardage out of this one and he may do a trick from his break out years.  100 yards rushing and receiving.  I liked the burst he showed in the preseason, I hope you drafted him this summer

5.  Darren McFadden  - - The Chargers defense looked like it could be in trouble this year.  And Carson Palmer couldn't be happier as he's hurting for receivers.  The month of September is McFadden's time to shine before blowing a (fill in the blank injury)

6.  Matt Forte  - - Matt Forte may be featured even moreso in an offense that is devoid of Mike Martz fascination with the passing game.  The Colts are switching to a 3-4 which is well known for stopping the run but it's also well known for having a learning curve time adjustment.  Chicago will rumble in this easy victory.

7.  Jamaal Charles  - - I'd like to pick this electrifying former track star higher but it's no little task recovering from an ACL injury.  The Falcons can be attacked versus the run but Peyton Hillis may vulture his touchdowns.

8.  Fred Jackson  - - Sometimes you start stars despite the matchups and this is that time.  The Jets pose a big threat to Fred Jackson but your everydown guys you just have to believe in

9.  DeMarco Murray  - - People love the Giants pass-rushers but New York can be run on.  Keep in mind that regular season defense last year finished worse than 25th.  Hopefully DeMarco's breakout last year break's thru to this new season

10.  Steven Jackson  - - Even though the Rams have a decent chance to get blown out, Steven Jackson is just too good to sit.  He is the rams best offensive weapon and they will utilize him so, guaranteed for at least 20-25 touches.

11.  Ahmad Bradshaw  - - One of my sleepers this year, the injury bug hasn't been kind to hm but just go look at how many multi-touchdown games this guy produces on the games he's in for.  It's astounding.

12.  Frank Gore  - - No Desmond Bishop will hurt Green Bay's run defense that much like New York, that may be the formula for how you best the Pack.  Control the clock and play keep away from Aaron Rodgers.

13.  Doug Martin  - - This is the rookie to own at least for the beginning of the season.  Much healthier than Trent and playing an average defense with an offense built around a ground game.

14.  Michael Turner                        27.  Cedric Benson

15.  Darren Sproles                        28.  Trent Richardson

16.  Willis McGahee                        29.  Rashad Jennings

17.  Stevan Ridley                          30.  Mark Ingram

18.  Peyton Hillis                           31.  Donald Brown

19.  Ben Tate                                32.  Beanie Wells

20.  Reggie Bush                           33.  Maurice Jones-Drew "the return of"

21.  DeAngelo Williams                  34.  Isaac Redmon

22.  Kevin Smith                            35.  Marshawn Lynch

23.  Law Firm                                 36.  C.J. Spiller

24.  Shonne Greene                        37.  Ronnie Brown

25.  Michael Bush                            38.  Alfred Morris

26.  Toby Gerhart


1.  Calvin Johnson  - - Remember how good Megatron erupted into the season?  An NFL record for 4 2+ touchdown games to start a season!

2.  Larry Fitzgerald  - - Some stars are start-proof no matter the matchup.  Fitzie is one such man, even if a Tim Burton character is throwing him the football.

3.  Andre Johnson  - - Andre Johnson was the no.1 fantasy wide receiver for so long, for so many drafts.  Don't let his injury plagued 2011 season may you forget why.  He will eat up the Dolphins

4.  Greg Jennings  - - the master of the backshoulder fade will have motivation to produce this year as it's his contract season.  How in the world is the 49er-Green Bay game not nationally televised in primetime I ask you?

5.  A.J. Green  - - Andy Dalton looked a little off in the preseason, but that being said these two young guns have great deep chemistry together.  Any given play could go 50 for a bomb touchdown and that one play could win or lose the week matchup for ya

6.  Julio Jones  - - Poor Kansas City may be without their two best and brightest defensive stars in Brandon Flowers and Tamba Hali.  All the more time for Mattie Ice to throw touchdown darts.

7. Roddy White  - - As mentioned one number earlier Kansas City may have only one respectable cornerback suit up in this game.  I'm predicting Stanford Rout will be covering White thus giving Julio the edge.

8.  Brandon Marshall - - Indy has orchestrated at least 3 medicore trades for backup worthy cornerbacks.  A 3-4 defense runs a lot of man and that's a hard scheme for average to poor corners.  Brandon Marshall will give you double digit gold this week.

9.  Victor Cruz - - Like before I think The Cowboys will put their respectable corner (Brandon Carr) on Hakeem Nicks and that means we see how the rookie can fare against the salse dancer.  Cue the band

10.  Hakeem Nicks  - - that being said, Nicks isn't too far off.  He's usually a safe bet for a touchdown catch.

11.  Wes Welker - - It's hard to imagine that is could be little Wes's last year in the the Northeast.  Sadly like a Danny Woodhead, I just don't think any other team would use him like the Pats have so perfectly schemed.  He'll have a contract to play for.

12.  Dez Bryant - - De zBryant has looked electric in the early going this year.  I expect him to turn in another great week one primetime performance against a New York team hurting at corner

13.  Jordy Nelson - - Can't leave an Aaron Rodgers too far down on this list.  You beat the 49ers by passing usually and Green Bay may need to rely more on the air than usual.

14.  Percy Harvin                           28.   Reggie Wayne

15.  Brandon Lloyd                         29.  Vincent Jackson

16.  DeMaryius Thomas                  30.  Malcom Floyd

17.  Antonio Brown                         31.  Darryius Heyward Bey

18.  Steve Smith                            32.  Titus Young

19.  Jeremy Maclin                         33.  Nate Washington

20.  Eric Decker                             34.  Justin Blackmon

21.  Marquis Colston                      35.  Kendall Wright

22.  Stevie Johnson                       36.  Greg Little

23. Dwayne Bowe                           37.  Michael Crabtree

24.  DeSean Jackson                      38.  Anquan Boldin

25.  Torrey Smith                           39.  Lance Moore

26.  Pierre Garcon                          40.  Mike Williams


1.  Jimmy Graham - - Superdome?  Check.  Week One  Check.  Angry Drew Brees?  Touchdown Jimmy Graham!

2.  Rob Gronkowski  - - The Patriots have their best group of receivers since Randy Moss rode off into the sunset.  Should open things in the middle quite nicely

3.  Jermichael Finley  - - Despite missing training camp time for his new baby boy as well as battling injuries.  I think the Green Bay passing arsenal will be on full display here

4.  Aaron Hernandez                        8.  Brandon Pettigrew

5.  Antonio Gates                             9.  Fred Davis

6.  Vernon Davis                             10.  Jared Cook

7.  Tony Gonzalez


1.  Houston Texans  - - Ryan Tannehill's starting receivers are Davone Bess and Legedu Naanee.  Jake Long is nursing a severe injury.  Yes please, I'll take two.

2.  Philadelphia Eagles  - - Believe it or not Tannehill hasn't looked like the worst rookie quarterback.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but Colt McCoy may not have been all that bad Weeden fans.  Look for sacks and picks a plenty

3.  Chicago Bears  - - Andrew Luck will fair better but a rookie quarterback is a safe bet usually.  Brian Urlacher will return and give some swagger to a team that's always a threat for a punt return 6 pointer.

4.  Baltimore Ravens                      8.  Green Bay Packers

5.  Detroit Lions                             9.  Minnesota Vikings

6.  Buffalo Bills                              10.  Seattle Seahawks

7.  Pittsburgh Steelers


1.  Sebastian Janikowski  - - Give me this Polish boomer, especailly right before the half when the team is insane enough for him to attempt a 59 yarder....  and then he'll make it

2.  Dan Carpenter

3.  Rob Bironas