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WR Corps Part Deux

** Note: this past weekend Yahoo mercifully and finally updated their predraft auto-rankings of players. Now Kevin Smith and Cedric Benson are on the radar and others like Maurice Jones Drew have fallen. If you're scrolling back and reading previous articles keep this in mind when considering that info


16. Brandon Lloyd    - New England Patriots  ADP: 5th round (17th WR overall) Yahoo:18th

     I think it's very telling that the Patriots will not resign Wes Welker to a long term deal.  They had no problem shelling out the green for Aaron Hernandez. Plus they just cut Jabar Gaffney. Mix in Lloyd's familiarity with Josh McDaniels airborne offense and you have recipes for success. For a year and a half Brandon was silently the best fantasy receiver while playing in Denver. Last year was rough on the wideout, with injuries and trades a plenty. If he can stay focused and on the field, he will produce for you.

17.  DeMaryius Thomas   - -   Denver Broncos   ADP: 6th round (21st overall)/ Yahoo: 24th

     In the latest Yahoo update they dropped Demaryius pretty good. Even though Decker appeared to be targeted more so far in the preseason, I prefer Thomas skillset. Both players have great size but Thomas has game breaking speed (see that playoff game) and he's more dangerous after the catch. Look, if you can catch passes from wild eyed Tebow, just hold your breath for what Peyton Manning can achieve out of you.

18.  Antonio Brown   - -   Pittsburgh Steelers   ADP: 5th round (18th overall) / Yahoo: 19th

     Antonio Brown will benefit greatly from Mike Wallace's disgruntle tardiness. Antonio has a resigned contract to play happy with. He has the rhythm and practice with Big Ben.  And he's used more in the return game as well as getting a carry or two on end arounds it seems every game (so if your league is weighted in those areas that'll help too) He's my first certifiable sleeper in the wide receiver category

19.  Jeremy Maclin   - -   Philadelphia Eagles   ADP: 7th round (24th overall) / Yahoo:16th

     Yet Yahoo loves Jeremy Maclin. After last preseason's bizarre health scare (that almost appeared life threatening) a healthy Maclin looks forward to 2012. If you remember to when Vick had his lone good year in a green uniform, he made Maclin a top 10 fantasy wideout. DeSean will gobble the yards, but Maclin will be the redzone weapon.  If Nick Foles has to start for an extended time though I favor Jackson

20.  Eric Decker   - -   Denver Broncos   ADP: 6th round (23rd WR overall) / Yahoo: 21st

     When the preseason began I had Eric Decker a good twenty spots lower. After some stellar games with Kyle Orton he left the zipcode and hibernated through the 1930's run offense that Denver installed. Yet watch any preseason game and it's no wonder who Peyton has the most trust in.  Eric Decker is a big big target with nice soft hands. Can we say sleeper No.2? I have no problem reaching for him after you've got your tight end.

21.  Marquis Colston  - -  New Orleans Saints   ADP: 5th round (16th overall) / Yahoo: 17th

     It's wierd that New Orleans No.1 receiver is the Drew Brees third option in most passing looks.  Colston has never been the deep threat on the team. Now that they let Meachem walk, aging Deverey will play that role. But Colston got paid this offseason. As weird as it sounds I get concerned when players get their extensions. It let's them get comfortable.  I'm low on Colston. I would expect the hunger to be more in Dwayne Bowe and Mike Wallace's eyes (once they get into game shape)

22.  Stevie Johnson   - -   Buffalo Bills  ADP: 7th round (26th WR overall) / Yahoo: 23rd

     Stevie Johnson is this era's Chad Johnson. A good sound quote to combine with game breaking ability. And he's the best receiver option the Bills have had since Andre Reed - my apologies to Peerless Price and Lee Evans. Chan Gailey has brought a respectable passing game to a huddle with Ryan Fitzpatrick, no humble task. Stevie is a good mid round wideout that will be consistent.

23.  Dwayne Bowe   - -   Kansas City Chiefs  ADP: 6th round (22nd overall) / Yahoo: 25th

     You should know who your blogger's favorite team is at the very least to determine any bias. I am a Chiefs fan and I'm concerned about this year. Matt Cassell will always limit that offense. Bowe though has remarkably produced with the revolving door of quarterbacks the last three seasons though. His catch against the Colts last year was one of the year's best and he knows how to stay healthy. He may start the year off slow though because of the late entrance into camp

24.  Mike Wallace   - -   Pittsburgh Steelers ADP: 5th round (19th overall) / Yahoo: 15th

     Mike Wallace is the game's best deep receiver when DeSean Jackson is slacking. But still he didn't get paid. He's said via twitter that he's still in shape and that he'll play under the restricted offer limited to him but I worry. Pittsburgh will need to throw more with no reliable running game and their O Line may not keep Roethlisberger healthy. Wallace will need to give premium effort and I don't know if the circumstances will let him do that this year

25. DeSean Jackson  - -  Philadelphia Eagles  ADP: 6th round (20th overall) / Yahoo: 27th

     I don't know whether to applaud DeSean's honesty or be frustrated that he came out and admitted what we all knew about last year. He wasn't trying all that hard. He was divided with the team over money and he wore the uniform and probably stunk up your fantasy team.  His first two years in the league were breakthroughs. Because of potential I got him this high but how well he does apparently seems to be solely up to himself.

26. Torrey Smith   - -   Baltimore Ravens  ADP: 7th round (27th WR overall) / Yahoo: 29th

     I like Torrey Smith a lot. He's a big sleeper of mine and if he's around in the mid rounds you must scoop him up. Flacco doesn't have many options. Anquan Boldin isn't Randy Moss old but he won't be catching the bombs from Kurt Warner that we have memories of.  Plus he's down his first two wide receivers. No wonder then, that Torrey Smith has led his team in preseason targets by a gaping margin. If it's any indication he will be a star!

27. Pierre Garcon   - -   Washington Redskins  ADP: 8th round (30th overall) / Yahoo: 28th

     As i mentioned in the QB ratings, Robert Griffin has some of the best deep accuracy I've ever seen on the college level. I didn't say biggest arm, I said he can drop it wherever he wants/needs. And now we discover how much Peyton made Garcon or not.  It's very clear that Santana Moss has regressed to being a mere slot threat. This is your leading Redskin receiver.

28.  Miles Austin   - -   Dallas Cowboys  ADP: 8th round (28th WR overall)  Yahoo: 20th

     I'm fairly shocked that the updated receiver rankings have Miles this high. When Terrell Owens was fading in Big D, Miles Austin was made fantasy relevant by Tony Romo.  But since injuries and the emergence of Dez Bryant have hurt my stock in Austin. Miles is saying that his hamstring won't keep him out of week one, but Dez Bryant is the far and away clear No.1 option. If Jason Witten is forced to miss more time he might get an uptick but I'm overall low on this guy - could disappoint.

29. Reggie Wayne  - - Indianapolis Colts  ADP: 8th round(29th WR overall) / Yahoo: 32nd

     Reggie Wayne, it's no wonder, had his most frustrating year last year. His fearless leader timid and walking wounded. And despite a revolving door situation at QB he had a big final push for the month of December. And while many of us expected him to be a package deal with Peyton he instead resigned. It's possible budding young star Andrew Luck can get two or three respectable seasons out of him. He still masterfully runs routes and even his loss of speed can't hurt those reliable mittens.

30. Vincent Jackson - - Tampa Bay Buccaneers ADP: 7th round(25th overall)/Yahoo: 26th

     Even though he was the most expensive offensive free agent acquisition this offseason, I'm not sure if chasing the money will reward himself here. The last two seasons at San Diego have been unimpressive save for two or three ridiculous games.  Mike Williams looks like he's in rookie form (a good thing) and Greg Schiano will feature a run first offense. Vincent will still get his touchdowns but I'm not as high on him as everybody else.