NFL & Atlanta Falcons

Best Backup Options at Quarterback

11.  Matt Ryan   - -   Atlanta Falcons           ADP: 6th round (7th overall) / Yahoo: 14th

     Perfect example of proper ranking. ADP is showing the public loving Matt because of his stellar preseason games. Yahoo not so much. Like a Vegas Handicapper, you need to find the medium. Since we live in the homestate of Ryan, his ADP may be even higher locally. I'm concerned about Matt Ryan's offensive line. Really, Sam Baker? How is this buffoon still the blindside protector of the franchise? I predict the run game to take a step back too, and there's no denying his weapons, however Matt seldom delivers in big games - see his playoff record.

12.  Matt Schaub   - -   Houston Texans  ADP: 1th round (15th overall) / Yahoo: 15th

     Clearly my ranks are favorable to Schaub. My reasons are thus: The Texans are going to kill this year. So long NFC West as being the weakest division in football. Houston's underrated defense and IMO the fiercest runningback tandem in the league will lead to lots of wins. Arian Foster is just as dangerous and big a part of the passing game too.  Throw in Andre Johnson's return and you just smile when everyone sleeps on this guy.  The only man in the mirror question you have to ask yourself is the health question.

13. Ben Roethlisberger - - Pittsburgh Steelers  ADP:10th round (14th ovrl) / Yahoo: 13th

     Every year Big Ben gets beat up more. He gave the gutsiest performance last year in the MNF matchup against the best defense in the league (49ers) with a twisted foot and a torn rotator cuff. Can he hold up again? He extends the play better than any quarterback in the league and thus gives you good chances at those 40+ yard touchdowns, good if your league gives you bonuses for those. Plus he's a winner, with a lesser run game this year. He'll need to throw and throw a lot and hopefully Mike Wallace won't be out of shape after his holdout. I would normally put this guy in top 10 material, but he's got plenty of red flags. 

14.  Robert Griffin III  - - Washington Redskins  ADP: 9th round (12th ovrl) / Yahoo: 12th

     I may be the only RG3 hater out there you'll talk too. And I'm a Baylor fan that watched every televised game since his rookie year. Let me tell you about this Griffin. He doesn't slide and he takes you gigantic hits. He is a lock to get injured. I can't say anything about his arm which is magic - some of the best deep accuracy you'll see on a football field (remember that Oklahoma game's last drive?) He missed an entire season in college for a torn knee, and remembering Shanahan's Jake Plummer offense - he'll expose and in turn injure his star player.

15.  Jay Cutler   - -   Chicago Bears               ADP: 9th round (13th overall) / Yahoo: 11th

     Jay Cutler the dad. Weird ring to it. Perhaps his city will warm up to him after their rocky relationship. His reunion with Brandon Marshall gives him a major No.1 receiver he's lacked since.... since... well Brandon Marshall in Denver. Sprinkle in some Matt Forte and now a goalline back and perhaps it'll mask his poor offensive line play. Chicago's coaching staff are loaded with brilliant coaches. But Mike Martz's departure will mean the ball will be in the air less. 

16. Josh Freeman- -Tampa Bay Buccaneers  ADP: 14th round (18th overall) / Yahoo: 17th

     Josh Freeman is on no one's radar and I suppose I can see why. He had a down year in which he threw more picks than touches, but his team had essentially mailed it in. Mike Williams was sleeping in meetings and Blount was bloated. A new renewed coaching staff could be just what the doctor ordered. The team was easily the most active in free agency and got one of the biggest wideouts in the game in Vincent Jackson. He'll get you rushing yards and if the Buccs have a losing season (which they most likely will) he'll be getting junk yards a plenty. I'll never forget last summer people comparing Freeman to Brees saying they posted similar numbers. 

17.  Andrew Luck   - -   Indianapolis Colts  ADP: 12th round (16th overall) / Yahoo: 19th

     Andrew Luck is the real deal. He has absolutely lit up the preseason with a team that was easily the ugliest last year. The only change has been him. If he can win with Donald Brown and throwing to Lavon Brazil then this guy needs to be an MVP candidate. He is a cerebral prodigy that is the best quarterback prospect in years. Don't be scared that he's a rookie. The days of rookies struggling in the NFL are over. The college game has prepared players to be Pro-ready and Stanford was a true Pro-style offense.

18.  Joe Flacco   - -   Baltimore Ravens   ADP: 15th round (20th overall) / 20th

     Joe Flacco's mouth has made him pinup material this offseason calling himself a top 5 NFL signal caller. One thing that isn't debatable is his playoff record. The guy is a winner and he's on pace to be the all time winningest playoff quarterback at this rate. Anquan Boldin is in the twilight of his career and slowing, so hopefully Torrey Smith can stay healthy for a change. Ray Rice is a bonified receiver out of the backfield and with the defense getting long in the tooth, it will turn to Flacco's arm more. Expect more pass attempts and we can hope for more touchdowns. Right now his ADP is in the 15th round.  If you can get a backup quarterback this good this late, you are a draft champion.

Best of the Rest: Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andy Dalton

Risky-Rewardy: Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Matt Flynn

Avoid!: Brandon Weeden, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Moore