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Where's the best place to play?

     Welcome back fantasy junkies. Not nearly the news sweep of Friday to cover today. Injury wise, the Bengals were hit on the defensive side of the ball with two starters. It was announced that David Garrard would have arthroscopic knee surgery knocking him out for a month and perhaps the Dolphins QB battle despite being listed a starter in training camp. Cedric Benson is making internet buzz that he's close to signing with the Packers. Plaxico wants to play in Oakland but won't take chump change. And finally it was revealed that Mike Kaufka, Vicks backup, has a hand injury of his own and his is more serious(fractured non throwing hand). Vick's throwing thumb injury won't keep him out of any preseason games unless the Eagles want to play it safe.  But Mike Kaufka is done for the preseason, giving rookie Nick Foles a chance to backup Vick and therefore be in line to start seeing as how nicked up he gets.


     Now that you're up to date, here's my blogpost intended for yesterday:



1. Yahoo Sports - -    Pros:  sleek outlook, 'the' standard       Cons: Public Leagues empty

   One of the oldest places to play is still the best. The stat-tracker is this blogger's personal favorite. All my old friends can be found on this one. Very easy to use. Has the best mobile ap of the top 5. And on a sneaky side note, this is one of the only places were you can field a team with an empty slot (ESPN being the other). This becomes a unique strategy to maximize roster potential. Kickers and in some cases IDP players carry very little value over each other. Public leagues can be an annoyance because most other teams are either computer generated or filled with people that forget or don't care about their team, hence playing stupid opponents who start injured or bye week players

2. ESPN   - -              Pros:  best free commissioner permiss. Cons: dull graphics, draft platf.

    If you've never been commissioner of a league you need to give it a try this year. Like any good connoisseur, after you've played for a handful of years you want to seek out unique ways the game can be different. The settings in this league are unlike any other.  From new and unique draft positions like Head Coach and Punter to all kinds of different scoring categories, you can really cook up doozies over here. Unfortunately the draft platform may arguably be the worst in terms of design and overall the homepages are poorly arranged. Really my only beef is from a visually disappointing standpoint so hard to argue here. Stattracker is only average.

3.      - -    Pros:  use of team logos, video, live trac Cons: few people on here

     My first year trying the NFL Network was last year. I created a massive 18 team league and when it didn't fill up (so few people are on), it overrode the draft date and and I mentally checked out. I only learned the my team was still around after the season was over. I finished 10th with an autodrafted team that somehow landed Drew Brees and Calvin Johnson. But to its third ranking, has permissions to use the logos and they do. You can even highlight your fantasy team under your favorite team which some might like. It's colorful and lush and you can create "league stories" on the homepage of your league which is a neat tool alongside polls for teams. But as mentioned before, there are scarce the warm bodies to fill up leagues here. Just not enough people either know or care about it. But this year (technically my second) I'll be able to evaluate better in an inseason experience.

4. CBS   - -               Pros:  best news / College!                       Cons: little commissioner control

    I migrated to the CBS platform during a Bowl Pickem invite from college. There was some contest where you can win a million dollars and I said sure. Still no millionaire by the way. I like that you can customize the homepage. For most websites you don't even have this permission, but you can move the most important things to the top (for me: transactions/ player news/ standings) And mess around with colors and other things. It can be tricky to find Free Agents though with a poor player search. Also, for the free games you can create a league but then have no commissioner control. To my understanding, it's one of the only places on the web that offers free college fantasy football too which is a fancy tickle. You know this junkie blogger is all up in that.   

5. Fox   - -               Pros:                                                  Cons:

     I like lists to have 5 things. Call it an obsession with the movie High Fidelity. So I had to search where else fantasy football is played. After poking around I actually just learned this morning that offers a free fantasy league. It looks alright, but if any readers have played there, I invite you to share your experiences because I really can't comment. It looks like a comparable site. If I wasn't in 11 leagues I would add one more, but any more and I'll be keeping toenail clippings in pickle jars and growing a nose hair beard.


I doubt this blogpost really changed your life.  You've probably already found your favorite or familiar platform.  But I hope I opened your eyes to some new places to play if not.