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After Aaron Rodgers fumbles chance to chug beer, Matt Stafford shows how it’s done

The Toronto Raptors seized control of the Eastern Conference finals with a 105-99 win over the Bucks in Game 5 on Thursday night in Milwaukee.

If you thought Bucks fans might want to drown their sorrows after the game, well, some of them got started much earlier. In the first half of the game, Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari tried to fire up the crowd by downing two beers.

Bakhtiari then challenged Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to show off his ability to down a beer.

It didn’t go so well:

In a surprising turn, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford saw Rodgers’ failed attempt while at a restaurant.

Stafford took it upon himself to show Rodgers how it’s done:

Brewers star outfielder Christian Yelich, who was also at the Bucks-Raptors game, showed Rodgers how it’s done:

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport saw the beverage consumption and was all for it: