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GHSA Class AAA capsules

Capsules and rosters for the GHSA Class AAA basketball semifinalists.

Semifinals will be played Friday at the Macon Coliseum.



Nickname: Eagles.

Colors: Orange and blue.

Head coach: Phillip McCrary.

Record: 29-2.

The Road to Macon: Beat Central, Carroll 74-35; beat West Hall 65-45; beat Elbert County 57-41.

Players to watch: Junior JerShon Cobb has come through with a big season offensively for the Eagles. The 6-5 guard averages 17.5 points per guard, which is seventh best in basketball-rich DeKalb County. Cobb also averages five assists per game. Freshman Jordan Price has also come through with a big season, averaging 12.1 points and 4.9 assists.


10 Jordan Price 9 6-5 PG/SG

11 Jarrod Houston 12 5-7 PG

12 Jazmon Major 12 6-4 SF/SG

13 Marcus Vaughn 12 6-4 SF/PF

15 Carlos Trotty 12 5-11 PG/SG

20 Christopher Grier 11 6-3 SG/PG

22 Stanathony Nelms 10 6-3 SF

23 JerShon Cobb 11 6-5 SG/SF

24 Lorenzo Jones 11 5-7 PG

25 A. Pierre Tyson 11 6-6 PF/SF

30 Jamil Saaka 11 6-3 SF

32 Jarmal Reid 9 6-6 SF/PF

35 Darnelius Session 11 6-8 PF/C

45 Samual Mike 11 6-7 PF

50 Brice Booker 10 6-2 SG/SF

55 Jeffery Cooper 11 6-0 PG/SG

Scouting report: The Eagles head into the Final Four much-less heralded than South Atlanta. But they have been ranked No. 2 all season and haven’t lost a game in Class AAA. Columbia has waited patiently for its chance, and the Eagles won’t have to wait much longer. They have won 14 straight games since a loss to AAAAA Milton in January.

South Atlanta

Nickname: Hornets.

Colors: Purple and turquoise.

Head coach: Michael Reddick.

Record: 27-3.

The Road to Macon: Beat Thomson 93-52; beat Cairo 87-44; beat Washington County 90-67.

Players to watch: The Hornets have the player to watch in the tournament in senior Derrick Favors. The Georgia Tech commit is arguably the top player in the nation. At 6-foot-9, Favors is a monster on the boards and blocks shots better than any player in the state. He scores most of his points inside but has the ability to step out and shoot jumpers. Auburn signee Andre Malone leads the perimeter attack for the Hornets.


Derrico Byrd 10 5-9 SG

Nick Byrd 10 5-7 PG

Corey Perkins 10 6-5 PF

Zaqui Wheeler 10 6-1 PF

1 Andre Malone 12 6-5 SG/SF

3 Rodrick Pitts 12 5-7 PG/SG

4 Orlando Stephens 12 5-9 PG/SG

5 Jershawn Jackson 12 5-8 SG

11 Nicholas Watkins 12 6-1 PG

12 DonGlass 11 5-10 SG/SF

15 Jarontae Dean 11 5-11 SG

23 Kadeem Etheridge 12 5-7 PG

25 Mikael Carter 12 6-3 SF/PG

33 Rashuad Bell 10 6-6 PF/SF

34 Derrick Favors 12 6-9 PF/C

44 Malik Brown 10 6-5 SF/SG

50 Derrick Murray 12 6-3 SF/PF

54 Nickalus Jacobs 10 6-8 C/PF

Scouting report: The only chance most teams have to hang with South Atlanta is surviving the early burst. The Hornets love to run, and they have five starters who could all play college basketball. South Atlanta has lost three games this season, but all three losses have to come out-of-state national powers. Watkins doesn’t get the recognition that Favors and Malone get, but he’s one of the top point guards in the state.


Nickname: Red Elephants.

Colors: Red and white.

Head coach: Todd Cottrell.

Record: 21-8.

The Road to Macon: Beat Eastside 66-43; beat Druid Hills 60-39; beat Cedartown 58-46.

Players to watch: Senior George Manomano leads the Gainesville offensive attack. The guard averages a team-best 17.8 points per game. His partner on the perimeter is junior Blake Sims, who is also one of the best quarterbacks in the state. Sims averages 13.4 points per game.


1 Will Maddox 10 5-9 PG/SG

2 Blake Sims 11 6-1 PG

3 A.J. Johnson 10 6-3 SF/PF

4 Ty Redmon 11 6-3 SG/PG

5 Juwan Jeddries 12 6-3 PG/SG

10 Kendrick Millsap 10 5-10 SG

11 Javez Warren 9 5-10 PG/SG

12 Dallas Defoor 9 6-0 SG

14 D.J. McDuffie 12 5-11 PG/SG

20 Ke’Odric Sadler 10 6-3 PF/SF

22 Chris West 11 6-3 SF/PF

23 Nick Johnson 12 6-3 PF/C

24 George Manomano 12 6-1 SG/SF

30 Bershad Williams 11 6-2 C

32 Miguel Razo 11 5-10 SG

33 Brock Boleman 12 6-6 C/PF

34 D.J. Allen 12 6-0 SG/SF

Scouting report: The Red Elephants have caught fire late in the season, winning 16 of their past 17 games. It probably helped that Sims had a chance to get accustomed to basketball after football. Brothers A.J. and Nick Johnson lead the team in rebounding. Getting to this point might surprise some after Gainesville started the year 5-7. But the Red Elephants started using defense to create offense. The momentum from the Red Elephants’ win in the region tournament has carried to the state tournament.


Nickname: Patriots.

Colors: Red, white and blue.

Head coach: Dallas Smith.

Record: 26-7.

The Road to Macon: Beat Shaw 71-64; beat Liberty County 62-58; beat Northside-Columbus 55-45.

Players to watch: Senior Greg Green might not lead the Patriots in scoring, but the senior is a leader on the floor. The 5-10 guard averages close to 10 points. Sophomore Malcolm Sapp averages 13.2 points per game and is one of the many shooters for the Patriots. Senior Terrance Noel has been Westover’s go-to scorer in the playoffs, averaging more than 20 points in the three wins.


1 Rashad Green 10 6-1 SG/SF

3 Dontreal Hicks 12 5-10 PG

5 Shevren Keaton 11 5-11 PG

10 Malcolm Sapp 10 6-2 SG

11 Rashad Jackson 11 6-3 PF

14 Anthony Ball 11 5-10 SG

20 Terrance Noel 12 6-3 PG/SG

21 Greg Green 12 5-10 SG/PG

22 Kenji Breedlove 12 6-1 SG/SF

23 Brandon Benton 12 6-4 SF/PF

25 Chris Wheeler 11 6-4 SF/PF

32 Carson Hayward 12 5-10 SG/SF

33 Onochie Ochie 11 6-4 PF

34 Chris Williams 12 6-4 C/PF

40 Villus Baker 11 6-2 SF/PF

Scouting report: The Patriots won’t shy away from the perimeter shot. They shoot a ton of 3-pointers, and they do so at a high percentage. Five players average close to 10 points per game with Breedlove and Wheeler joining Noel, Green and Sapp as scorers. Ochie helps the Patriots with inside play.



Nickname: Lady Hurricanes.

Colors: Green, orange and white.

Head coach: Johnny Dixon.

Record: 26-4.

The Road to Macon: Beat Liberty County 50-49; beat Westover 44-41; beat Kendrick 46-43.

Players to watch: Kendra Grant and Tae Smith have helped shaped Rutland from upstart program to state championship contender. Smith is the Lady Canes’ pulse. The short point guard is strong penetrating and is also one of the leaders on defense. Grant is the team’s best overall player. The Mercer signee is deadly from 14 to 18 feet, and she has been even better relying on her jump shot following a lack of mobility due to a stress fracture. Alisha Ivry and Brittany Brooks provide quality play from the post.


10 Iesha Dawson 12 5-5 SG/PG

11 Brittany Brooks 11 6-0 C/PF

12 Kendra Grant 12 6-0 SF/C

14 Alisha Ivry 12 5-10 SG/SF

15 Cayla Jones 10 5-10 C/PF

23 Shajuan Watts 9 5-2 PG/SG

31 Tomecia Watson 10 5-8 SF/SG

35 Shaquita Hodges 10 5-7 SG/PG

41 Kyrmia Smith 11 5-8 C/PF

43 Zonesha Davis 9 5-9 SF/PF

45 Yashica (Tae) Smith 12 5-6 PG/SG

53 Shaketa Hodges 10 5-6 SG/PG

55 Mystque Jackson 11 5-5 SG/SF

Scouting report: While Smith and Grant are the leaders, the Lady Canes look to five or six players for scoring. Twins Shaketa and Shaquita Hodges both can score from the inside and the outside, and will be the backbone of next year’s team. Rutland creates plenty of turnovers in its full-court press, and the Lady Canes enjoy playing up-tempo. Rutland has won three playoff games by a combined seven points. The Lady Canes are pretty comfortable in close matchups.


Nickname: Bravettes.

Colors: Red and white.

Head coach: Jenean Cooper-Bolston, 1st year.

Record: 28-2.

The Road to Macon: Beat Spalding 56-47; beat Dougherty 37-35; beat Peach County 48-35.

Players to watch: The Bravettes have a versatile starting five led by senior Teshia Griswold. Griswold can do just about everything, and she is at her best as a high-energy defender and dependable scorer. Shan Basley runs the point for the Bravettes and is comfortable deferring to her teammates for most of the game. But she will take the last shot in a close game. Shantoria Hudson is a standout rebounder and a good complement to Griswold.


5 Valencia Tuft 10 5-5 PG/SG

11 Shatoria Hudson 11 5-10 SF/PF

12 Sameria Butts 10 5-6 PG/SG

14 Ebony Stone 12 5-8 SF/PF

15 Ikiah Palmer 9 5-9 SG/SF

20 Kelli Morrow 11 5-6 PG/SG

21 Jasmine Boone 12 5-9 SF

22 Shantoria Basley 12 5-5 PG/SG

24 LaKisha Harris 10 5-6 PF

33 Teshia Griswold 12 5-8 SF/PF

34 Pearline Walker 12 5-6 PG

44 Selena Wright 12 5-6 SG

50 Haley Marks 11 5-10 C

Scouting report: The Bravettes refocused after a loss to Washington County near the end of the regular season. But they also are the top-ranked team and have the target on their back. Cooper preaches defense, and the Bravettes let everything they do on the court radiate out from the defense. They handed Carrollton one of its two losses this season. Baldwin alum Cooper-Bolston is in her first year as the head coach after taking over for Anderson Bentley.


Nickname: Trojans.

Colors: Black and gold.

Head coach: Shon Thomaston.

Record: 30-2.

The Road to Macon: Beat Carver-Atlanta 55-36; beat Chestatee 40-24; beat Columbia 67-65.

Players to watch: The Trojans are led in scoring by junior guard Karisma Boykin and senior forward Janyce Ealey. Kelsi Billings and Cambre Winters help Ealey in the post. Boykin is the team’s best 3-point shooter.


3 Quanisha Bray 9 5-4 SG

4 Janyce Ealey 12 5-9 PF/SF

10 Cassie Billingsley 12 5-4 PG

11 Megan Parker 9 5-5 SG/PG

12 Alyssa Jones 12 5-4 PG

20 Cambre Winters 11 5-8 SF

21 Morgan McDonald 9 5-4 SF

22 Karisma Boykin 12 5-7 PG/SG

24 Tierra Prothro 11 5-10 PF

25 Raven Trammell 9 5-6 SF/PF

30 Kelsi Billings 12 6-0 C/PF

32 Katisa Ridley 11 5-8 PF

35 Katie Turner 10 5-8 C

Scouting report: The Trojans are a strong inside team with three very good rebounding post players. But Boykin is one of the top scorers and gives the Trojans a legitimate inside-outside threat. The Trojans’ two losses have both come to Final Four participants — Baldwin earlier in the year and Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe in their region title game.

Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe

Nickname: Warriors.

Colors: Red and white.

Head coach: Wayne Weaver.

Record: 28-3.

The Road to Macon: Beat St. Pius X 47-43; beat Stephens County 75-59; beat Dunwoody 52-49.

Players to watch: Senior Kayla Weaver scored a season-high 35 points in LFO’s win over Stephens County in the AAA second round. Jasmain Carey dominates inside for LFO. Sixth-man Elizabeth Smedema has given the Warriors a boost all season, but never bigger than when she made two free throws late to lead her team to a win over Dunwoody in the quarterfinals.


4 Ashley McKensie 12 5-5 SG

5 Kayla Weaver 12 5-8 PG/SG

12 Michelle Morgan 11 5-9 SF/PF

23 Maddison Smith 11 5-6 SG/SF

24 Elizabeth Smedema 11 5-11 PF/C

43 Jasmain Carey 11 6-0 C

Scouting report: LFO has won 15 straight games heading in the Final Four, including a win over Carrollton in the region championship game. The Warriors haven’t lost to a AAA team this season.