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Strong Demons squad gets easy win against inexperienced Veterans team

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Warner Robins came out strong on their opening drive to take an early lead on their way to a 56-17 victory over Veterans at Freedom Field on Friday night. The Veterans Warhawks struggled on both sides of the ball, producing 259 yards on offense while finding the end zone twice. Warner Robins gained 504 yards on the way to their big score. Warner Robins improves to 9-0, while Veterans finishes the season 2-8.

Three who mattered

Jarius Burnett: Senior running back for Warner Robins rushed for 181 yards, setting Warner Robins up in the red zone for multiple scores on the night.

Jaeven West: Warner Robins senior wide receiver caught passes for 40 yards and rushed for 20 yards, scoring three touchdowns on the night.

Sebastian Verger: The junior wide receiver caught passes for 18 yards and rushed for 14 yards, including the scoring play putting Veterans on the board for the night.

Turning point

Jarius Burnett rushed for 90 yards on the Demons’ second possession in the first quarter, setting Warner Robins up for a scoring play and setting a fire under the offense.

They said it

Veterans head coach David Bruce: “We played a lot of young guys this year and they were not ready for it, but got thrown in it anyways. I am hoping that will help the maturing process and that maybe next year we will have a leg up with experience.”

Warner Robins head coach Mike Chastain: “I feel great, it’s always good to be 9 and 0 and want to work to get 10 and 0, so we can win the region championship,”

What’s next?

Veterans season came to an end friday night. Warner Robins hosst Bainbridge on Nov. 3.