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Tucker jokes about football, praises Atlanta

Chris Tucker took part in Wednesday’s Arians Family Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic.
Chris Tucker took part in Wednesday’s Arians Family Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic.

Chris Tucker has been in the spotlight for most of his life. He grew up just outside of Atlanta in Decatur. When football didn’t work out, he had another plan: comedy and acting.

From there, Tucker’s career took off. Now, looking back, he is happy to see how the scene has changed in Atlanta.

“When we grew up, we had the music industry,” Tucker said. “And now it’s like the movie industry. Me 25 years ago wanting to be a comedian and an actor, it was farfetched because Hollywood was so far, and New York was so far. But now it’s in Georgia, and it’s great.”

He talked about how the athletics scene is taking off, as well. Tucker said it was nice to see a “hometown boy” in Dwight Howard sign with the Atlanta Hawks. It reminded him of his days when he followed Dominique Wilkins.

Although he doesn't permanently live in Georgia, Tucker said he still tries to keep up with Georgia sports, both professional and collegiate.

While being surrounded by many former Georgia athletes at Wednesday’s Arians Family Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic, Tucker reminisced on his short career.

Tucker said he was a blue chip player in high school. If it had worked out, he would have gone on to play in college and maybe even in the NFL. But a foot injury he suffered in high school changed his career path. Now at age 44, Tucker joked that he still has a chance to make it.

“I was talking to a bunch of coaches, and they said they wanted to probably bring me in or said, ‘Let me think about it, and we’ll talk about it,’ ” Tucker said with a laugh.

He then continued joking around, saying that it’s all mental. Tucker might not be physically ready, but he said he already has the mental part down.

Tucker was among the many celebrities to join Bruce Arians’ event. Shortly after his media interaction, he was off to the practice tee.

“It’s a good foundation, helping a lot of kids and a little bit of golf; it’s a good combination,” Tucker said.