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Following domestic violence arrest, D'Antne Demery will not be admitted to UGA

By Jason Butt

Georgia Sports Communications

D’Antne Demery will not play college football at Georgia as a result of his Saturday evening arrest for allegedly choking the mother of his 1-month-old child.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart announced that Demery has been released from his national letter-of-intent, which he originally signed Feb. 3, and won’t enroll in June for classes.

While a police report has not been released, The Telegraph obtained a synopsis of the incident through an Athens-Clarke County Police representative as to what transpired between Demery and a female victim, described as someone he has been dating and has an infant child with. Demery has been charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass and simple battery.

Demery initially was given a distinction of “no bond family violence.” During the 10 a.m. hour Sunday, an Athens-Clarke County Jail representative confirmed a local judge ordered a bond totaling $1,850 ($1,350 for the simple battery and $500 for the criminal trespass charges) and for Demery to be released only to UGA program coordinator Bryant Gantt. At 12:04 p.m., however, Demery’s jail log was updated to show he could only be released to someone named Brandi McMaster.

Demery posted bond at 1:03 p.m. on Sunday.

It is unknown why Gantt initially was listed as the person for Demery to be released to or why that name was changed on the jail log. The change occurred roughly 15 minutes after The Telegraph called the Athens-Clarke County Jail to inquire why Gantt was the person responsible for Demery following his release. NCAA rules stipulate programs cannot provide free or reduced-cost services to student-athletes and among those would be posting bond.

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity stated that Gantt’s name “was included in error, and I assure you UGA staff members have not violated any rules related to this incident.”

Late Saturday night, Athens-Clarke County police officers were called to the area near the Waffle House location for what amounted to a domestic violence incident involving Demery allegedly “choking (strangling) a female.” Police were able to reach the victim by the Boar’s Head Lounge.

“Upon arrival, both individuals had left the area,” the police account reads. “Moments later, the victim called 911; advising that she wished to press charges against D’Antne Demery for hitting her. Contact was made with the victim in front of Boars Head (sic). She stated that she and Demery got into an argument; he began to get loud, she started to walk off, he told her ‘walk off again, and Imma show you’. She began to walk away again, at which point, Demery came from behind her; grabbing her on the back of her neck; pushing her against the wall, and also grabbing her by the hair.”

According to police, Demery admitted to placing his hands on the mother of his child. She told police Demery “has been physically violent with her in the past.”

Demery and the victim are both from Brunswick and were in Athens on Saturday to attend Georgia’s G-Day spring football game. Demery is considered a four-star offensive line recruit.

After the assault began, friends separated the two. But Demery was subsequently “able to reconnect with the victim, in which he threw her; causing her glasses to fall off, and her phone fell out of her hand; causing it to hit the ground which resulted in a crack to the screen.”

In addition to the victim’s statement, an independent witness saw the altercation take place.

Demery was placed under arrest and transported to the Clarke County Jail. Demery was booked at 10:52 p.m. on Saturday night.