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Morning musings: Georgia working with Terry Godwin on protecting the ball better

Jason Butt


Louisiana-Monroe safety Mitch Lane tackles Georgia wide receiver Terry Godwin (5) during the first half of Saturday’s game.
Louisiana-Monroe safety Mitch Lane tackles Georgia wide receiver Terry Godwin (5) during the first half of Saturday’s game. AP

Terry Godwin was fortunate his knee touched first.

In Georgia’s 51-14 win over Louisiana-Monroe, Godwin caught a short pass in the second quarter and tried to break a tackle. When a second Warhawks defender came in to clean the tackle up, Godwin’s knee touched the ground just before the ball was ripped out of his arm.

On the field the play was called a fumble, which Louisiana-Monroe recovered, before being overturned on review.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said Godwin was fortunate not to have cost the Bulldogs a turnover on the play.

“I was glad it happened in a game that didn’t cost us. We’ve been talking to him about it, we’ve been coaching him,” Richt said. “Until you experience it it’s hard to understand the importance of getting that ball high and tight as we say. It’s hard to break habits from years doing it a certain way.

“The thing about him is he does a pretty good job trying to get yards after the catch and when you do that, you give a stiff arm or whatever you do, a lot of times you lose the ball security a little bit. The ball came out. The ball’s going to keep coming out unless he holds it the way we tell him to hold it.”

Godwin finished the game with three catches for 31 yards. His longest gain came late in the second quarter when quarterback Brice Ramsey found him over the middle of the field for 20 yards on third-and-17.

Ramsey, Georgia’s backup, said Godwin has already showed tendencies of playing older than his age.

“It was a huge conversion, it felt good,” Ramsey said. “I have a lot of trust in Terry, he runs good routes. We’ve done that a lot.”

Godwin didn’t look like a true freshman receiver in his first-ever college football game and will get plenty of more opportunities to show why he was a highly sought-after five-star recruit.

Of course, Richt is hoping getting the ball ripped out, even if it wasn’t technically a fumble, reminds Godwin that he can’t get away with being loose with the ball at this level of the game.

Hopefully he’ll learn from that. He’s got to seal it,” Richt said. “He’s got a long way to go. He’s certainly put himself in position to get playing time early in his career which is great.”

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My Top 25

This will be the lone Tuesday for a top 25 as it will come out each Monday. However, with the first week of games wrapping up Monday, it had to wait.

1. Ohio State (1-0) (beat Virginia Tech 42-24) (Last week: No. 1)

2. Alabama (1-0) (beat Wisconsin 35-17) (Last week: No. 2)

3. Baylor (1-0) (beat SMU 56-21) (Last week: No. 4)

4. Auburn (1-0) (beat Louisville 31-24) (Last week: No. 7)

5. Georgia (1-0) (beat Louisiana-Monroe 51-14) (Last week: No. 8)

6. TCU (1-0) (beat Minnesota 23-17) (Last week: No. 5)

7. Notre Dame (1-0) (beat Texas 38-0) (Last week: No. 10)

8. Florida State (1-0) (beat Texas State 59-16) (Last week: No. 9)

9. Michigan State (1-0) (beat Western Michigan 37-24) (Last week: No. 3)

10. Oregon (1-0) (beat Eastern Washington 61-42) (Last week: No. 6)

11. Clemson (1-0) (beat Wofford 49-10) (Last week: No. 11)

12. USC (1-0) (beat Arkansas State 55-6) (Last week: No. 12)

13. LSU (0-0) (game vs. McNeese State canceled) (Last week: No. 13)

14. Mississippi (1-0) (beat Tennessee-Martin 76-3) (Last week: No. 14)

15. Oklahoma (1-0) (beat Akron 41-3) (Last week: No. 15)

16. Arkansas (1-0) (beat UTEP 48-13) (Last week: No. 16)

17. Georgia Tech (1-0) (beat Alcorn State 69-6) (Last week: No. 18)

18. UCLA (1-0) (beat Virginia 34-16) (Last week: No. 17)

19. Texas A&M (1-0) (beat Arizona State 38-17) (Last week: NR)

20. Mississippi State (1-0) (beat Southern Mississippi 34-16) (Last week: No. 22)

21. Missouri (1-0) (beat Southeast Missouri State 34-3) (Last week: No. 24)

22. Boise State (1-0) (beat Washington 16-13) (Last week: No. 25)

23. Tennessee (1-0) (beat Bowling Green 59-30) (Last week: No. 22)

24. Arizona (1-0) (beat Texas-San Antonio 42-32) (Last week: No. 20)

25. Utah (1-0) (beat Michigan 24-17) (Last week: NR)

Dropped out: Arizona State (0-1), Stanford (0-1)


Senior left tackle John Theus on freshman tight end Jackson Harris: “He came in early. He’s a real smart kid, he’s in the engineering school. He’s real bright, a great athlete. I remember I was his host on his official (visit). So to see him come in and play is awesome. He’s a big guy, great athlete and knows his stuff.”

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