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Mark Richt: Greyson Lambert has 'settled in' since early preseason struggles

Jason Butt


Greyson Lambert, pictured here, won Georgia's quarterback battle.
Greyson Lambert, pictured here, won Georgia's quarterback battle. UGA Sports Communications

It’s actually a good sign for quarterback Greyson Lambert that head coach Mark Richt admitted his thoughts from Georgia’s first practice on Aug. 4.

With reporters able to watch 10 periods of practice, Lambert missed on a lot of throws. A general thought among the local media covering the Bulldogs was that Lambert might be in trouble already in the race.

However, Lambert shook off the bad day and has since impressed his coach. And that’s allowed for Richt to reveal his initial thoughts of the Virginia transfer.

“A lot of y’all might have been out there when he first started throwing on day one,” Richt said. “I got a little nervous there for a minute there. Because he struggled. I think he was a little nervous, a little nervous energy and all. He’s settled in and throwing well as far as fundamentals. I’d say for the amount of time he’s been here and been in the system he’s done a good job of learning what to do and he’s got himself into competition.”