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Freshman RB Tae Crowder ready to 'bring new energy' to Georgia

Jason Butt


Freshman Tae Crowder said everything is beginning to click when it comes to learning Georgia's offense.
Freshman Tae Crowder said everything is beginning to click when it comes to learning Georgia's offense.

Tae Crowder knew he'd have a lot of running backs in front of him when he committed to Georgia.

But won't affect him during his freshman season with the Bulldogs. Understanding he'll have the opportunity to learn from the talented backs in front of him, the former Harris County standout, who ran for 1,667 yards and 27 touchdowns as a senior last year, will be able to hone his craft while waiting for his shot to earn carries with the team.

When Georgia's freshmen offensive players met with the media this week, Crowder was available for a few questions. Among the things he talked about were bringing his energy to the program and the best advice running backs coach Thomas Brown has given him so far.

Question: How’s the transition been so far, coming in and participating in your first week and a half of camp?

Tae Crowder: It’s been pretty good. Definitely rolling in with the group, learning my plays. Everything is kind of clicking so it’s been pretty good.

Q: What’s it like coming into this running back group, with guys that have all made their presence felt over the past couple of years?

TC: It’s awesome, it definitely makes you work hard. I want to be better every day and learn from them.

Q: I take it you’re not afraid of competition because when you made your decision, you knew Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Keith Marshall and Brendan Douglas are all back. How did you present that challenge in your mind when you made that decision to come here?

TC: Basically, I just wanted to be that different guy, come in and bring new energy to them. When the guys are tired or down, I want to be that guy to help them out, pick them up. We all are working hard right now. ... Of course there’s going to be competition but every running back comes to work hard every day.

Q: What’s it like knowing Thomas Brown came through this program as a player and what are your first impressions of him as your position coach?

TC: It’s unbelievable. It’s great having a coach like that. Of course, he knows all the techniques. I just continue to come in, work hard and listen to them.

Q: What’s been the best advice (Brown) has given you so far?

TC: Just be on time to everything, at least 10 minutes early. Come ready to work every day and be ready for competition. Just basically doing what I got to do.