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Jordan Jenkins impressed with Georgia's freshman defenders

Senior outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins has no qualms with how Georgia’s freshmen have acclimated this summer.

Speaking at SEC Media Days last week, Jenkins said the 19 defenders of this year’s 29-man recruiting class have impressed him thus far.

“The freshman class has bought in and are pushing their levels to the highest limit,” Jenkins said. “When we first came into these workouts it wasn’t at the level it is now. It may have been half the sprints or longer times. The freshmen are coming in beating some of the older guys. It’s amazing how far they’ve came and how ready they are for the season.”

Jenkins has been a vocal leader this offseason while helping to organize player-led 7-on-7s. He said one of the reasons he wanted to return for his final season of college football was to help elevate the games of his younger teammates.

“Naturally, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to come back,” Jenkins said. “Your senior year, I feel like you play differently. You’re a lot hungrier and you’re a lot more tenacious. I see myself as a leader because one, I lead by example. Two, I try to make every guy get to a higher level of playing than they are used to.”