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Mark Richt says Georgia's offense won't change much under Brian Schottenheimer

ATHENS -- Mark Richt had a clear objective in mind when searching for an offensive coordinator to replace Mike Bobo.

That was to make the transition seamless.

Ultimately, Richt decided on Brian Schottenheimer, who spent time as offensive coordinator for both the New York Jets and St. Louis Rams. Though Schottenheimer's NFL results were mixed, with personnel playing a major part, his coaching philosophy is similar to Bobo’s. While there will be some new wrinkles in place for Georgia with Schottenheimer on the staff, Richt said the average fan may not notice much of a change on game days.

“I think it will be tough for the fans to really see a lot of difference,” Richt said. “There’s no doubt we’ll be serious about running the football, we’ll be serious about throwing the football. The personnel sets, the types of groupings will be very similar to what we’ve done in the past. The plays themselves are very much the same.”

Finding someone similar to Bobo, now Colorado State's head coach, was important for Richt based on Georgia’s roster and the success the offense has had in recent seasons. Under Bobo, the Bulldogs averaged at least six yards per play over the past three years while posting an SEC-leading 41.3 points per game a year ago.

“Coach Schottenheimer, being an NFL coordinator for, I think, nine years, the last nine years, and watching the style of play, he was very similar to what we do,” Richt said. “So the common fan may not see a whole lot different as far as the sets and the types of plays that we run, but I think the players have taken to him well.

“He's a very good teacher and communicator, and I think he's got a great personality for the college game as far as being able to recruit and being able to relate to young people.”