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Georgia to announce Uga X during 2015 season

Uga X will arrive during the 2015 season.

Georgia announced that it will transition from Uga IX to Uga X at a game to be named later this season. Uga IX, also known as Russ, will retire from mascot duties after turning 11 years old this year.

“We look forward to celebrating the reign of Russ who has served the University and our sports program in magnificent fashion,” Georgia President Jere W. Morehead said in a statement. “He has truly endeared himself to fans all over the country. At the same time we anxiously await the arrival of the newest in our long-standing line of mascots, Uga X.”

The likely replacement for Russ is his grandson, named Que. Charles Seiler, Uga's handler, told the Athens Banner-Herald this past Saturday that the almost 2-year-old bulldog will take over. Que was present at the Countdown to Kickoff event at Sanford Stadium and reportedly held his own.

Russ is the half-brother of Uga VII and served as both interim and official mascot during his time on the job. Before being named Uga IX two games into the 2012 season, Russ served 25 games as Georgia's mascot. Overall, Georgia went 44-19 with Russ on the sidelines.