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Georgia still tinkering with center position

ATHENS - It's very possible that Georgia already has its starting five for the offensive line. But who will play center remains an open question.

Brandon Kublanow, who started every game last season at left guard, was at center during Tuesday's practice. Isaiah Wynn, who was the first team center in all three scrimmages, including G-day, was at left guard.

Kublanow, speaking after practice, doesn't know how serious the coaches were about the move.

"I'm not sure at this point. They may move me, they may not," Kublanow said. "They know I can play guard. And if I can play center, I think it'll definitely help us out a lot."

The possibility of Kublanow at center has long been discussed by the coaches, but before Tuesday he only received brief looks there. Wynn and Hunter Long remained the top options, with backup guard Josh Cardiello also getting a few reps.

Kublanow, who will be a junior this fall, is open to the move, especially when it comes to the future.

"I probably couldn't play guard (in the NFL). I'm way too short," said Kublanow, who is listed at 6-foot-3 and 286 pounds. "So it would definitely help me a lot."

Wynn (6-2, 283) is about the same size, but seems more athletic, and perhaps a bit stronger. He may be a better option as a pulling guard on some plays, the way right guard Greg Pyke was last season.

So ultimately it may come down to who ends up most comfortable snapping the ball. Wynn had a high snap on the first drive of the G-Day game, costing the offense a big loss. But otherwise his performance was solid.

"I felt like I did pretty good. Today just showed that we still have a lot to work on," Wynn said after G-Day. "Not only me, but just as a whole on the offensive line unit, and the offensive unit."

Kublanow never snapped before this spring, and is also a left-hander, which is a slight adjustment for the quarterbacks. He said Tuesday that his his snapping is "getting there," and will probably concentrate on center over the summer, if only because he played guard all last year, so he's got that position down.

"It was an adjustment at first, but everyone has to get used to different things," Kublanow said of his left-handed snaps. "But after awhile we felt fine. After practice we were getting some snaps in and it was going well."