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Louisville defense had communication issues

CHARLOTTE - It was weird timing. Todd Grantham emerged from Louisville's locker room Tuesday night just as Georgia beat writers were heading to Mark Richt's postgame press conference.

Grantham trailed for a bit behind Richt, who didn't appear to notice his former defensive coordinator. Grantham, though polite, made it clear he wasn't interested in talking after his Louisville defense was torched by his former team in a 37-14 loss.

But a postgame interview with a Louisville defensive player may have said it all. The questions to and answers from defensive end Deiontrez Mount were rather familiar:

What happened when you all weren't lined up?

I think we maybe had two D-linemen on the field, we actually were playing out there with nine. After substition, we had about nine guys on the field.

What did you attribute that to? You practice so much, but did it happen during the year much at all?

: We didn't expect those guys to play us up-tempo like they did. All year they showed they're a team that takes their time and they check with the coaches on the sideline. This game they didn't really do that much."

Was there problem with communication?

: It messes up the communication across the board. We've been fighting for something all week and we came into this and were not expeccting the uphill both ways. It's definitely something we can get better on in the future.

On the (Nick Chubb) touchdown where you weren't all lined up. Was it sideline or communication?

: It was sideline, it was a mess up on the substation and communication across the board. Everything that could have went wrong in one play, it went wrong in that play.