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Gaines reached out to injured Gonzaga player

ATHENS - Georgia guard Kenny Gaines texted an apology to Gonzaga forward Josh Perkins, who is out indefinitely after breaking his jaw in last week's game in New York City.

The injury happened when Gaines took a leap towards the corner to defend what he thought would be a 3-point try by Perkins. But Perkins had faked the shot and taken a step towards the baseline when Gaines' lower leg collided with his jaw.

Perkins is reportedly out indefinitely. He's friends with reserve Georgia guard Dusan Langura, who passed along Perkins' cell number to Gaines.

"I sent him a text saying, I apologize that it happened, it wasn't on purpose," Gaines said Friday. "He texted back, saying: 'I figured it wasn't, it was just a basketball play.' But his jaw is broken. ... But he was in good spirits, that made me feel good about it."

Perkins, a freshman, was averaging 6.3 points and 4.3 assists in 22.8 minutes off the bench this season.

There was no flagrant foul called on the play, though Gaines did overhear Gonzaga's bench call for one.

"Some of the people from Gonzaga's bench were questioning the referees whether it was a flagrant foul or not," Gaines said. "The referees had rushed over there and said, 'We saw what happened, it wasn't intentional.' I made my way back to our bench and I guess they reviewed it and came to an agreement that it wasn't an intentional foul. Which, I mean, it wasn't."