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Richt says Gurley’s ACL surgery went well

ATHENS -- Todd Gurley had his ACL surgery Tuesday, according to Georgia head coach Mark Richt.

Gurley, who suffered a torn ACL against Auburn two weeks ago, had his left knee mended Tuesday. According to Richt, the operation was a positive one.

“It felt like it was very successful,” Richt said. “He’s doing well.”

Richt exchanged texts with Gurley following the star running back’s surgery. While all news appears positive, Richt wanted to wait before divulging any specifics about Gurley’s knee repair.

“I’ve been texting him a little bit. He’s doing well. He actually shot me a picture of him,” Richt said. “I asked, ‘Is this before or after surgery.’ He said, ‘It’s after.’ I said, ‘You look pretty good.’ But we texted back and forth a little bit. Of course (team doctor), Ron Courson’s been updating us.”


Richt’s 12-1 record against Georgia Tech has been well documented.

While he has gotten criticism from time to time for his lack of success against other rivals, he has managed to dominate the state’s biggest head-to-head matchup.

“Being the head coach at Georgia’s not an easy job, but it’s a good job; it’s a blessing,” Richt said. “The more you win, period, the better the job is.”

Richt admitted that he might not have had the greatest knowledge of the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry when he arrived at Georgia in 2000, but there were plenty of people around to make sure he was up-to-date.

“A lot of people tried to help me out with that from the very beginning. When you go to the Bulldog Clubs, you’re going to hear about certain rival games. It’s territorial,” Richt said. “Up north, Tennessee. Down south, they want Florida. One direction, they want Auburn. The other direction, they want South Carolina. But they all agree on Georgia Tech.”


After practice Tuesday, Georgia’s players, coaches and staff took part in the Georgia Athletic Association’s yearly Thanksgiving feast. It was quite the spread.

“It was unbelievable. I’m surprised they didn’t run out of food,” Richt said. “Those guys eat a lot. They’re young. They can handle it.”

Thursday morning, Georgia will practice, and then players will be free to participate in Thanksgiving festivities of their own with family, coaches or teammates.

Richt has opened the doors of his home to any players interested in joining their head coach -- and 48 of his family members -- for the Richt family Thanksgiving meal.

“I’m inviting them,” Richt said. “Usually somebody comes on through, but most guys have somewhere to go, whether it be with their family or a teammate. The teammates do a good job that the guys in their segment have a place to go. We always make sure our homes are open to the guys. I ask our coaches to be sure to talk everybody in their segment to make sure everybody’s got a plan, so it’s not just some guy going to his room and hanging by himself.”

Richt won’t be monitoring the players’ food intake. But he offered a mindful quip.

“They say turkey makes you sleepy, though,” Richt said, “so we’ve got to get that out of them by Saturday.”