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Bobo: 'There's really only one Todd Gurley'

ATHENS - There isn’t panic around Georgia’s offense about Todd Gurley’s season-ending injury because of the presence of Nick Chubb, the SEC’s second-leading rusher.

“I think there’s no doubt that if he keeps going, he’s got a good chance to win the Heisman, next year or the year after that,” senior center David Andrews said.

But there’s still some wistfulness about the loss of Gurley, the Heisman front-runner after five games, before his four-game suspension.

Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo granted that Chubb has “definitely produced,” before adding:

“There’s really only one Todd Gurley that I’ve been around. We’ve been around some special backs, but the rare size and speed and competitive nature that he has, I hadn’t seen one like that. Knowshon was very, very competitive. But the size and speed and the power that (Gurley) has, I haven’t seen anybody like him.”

Bobo night plans

Richt has said he plans to watch the Missouri-Tennessee game in a lounger at home, in his pajamas. His offensive coordinator, however, isn’t sure of his plans.

Mike Bobo laughed when asked if he would be in his pajamas, saying he was mainly worried about Georgia’s game.

“Then after the game I’ll figure out what my family wants to do,” said Bobo, who has a wife and five children at home. “Right now I don’t have any plans for Saturday other than Charleston Southern.”

Michel update

Freshman tailback Sony Michel continues to practice as the team gauges whether he can return for Saturday’s game.

“Sony is looking better. I asked him how he felt. He said, ‘I’m getting better every day,’” Richt said, adding: “For me to say can he play or will he play, I’m not sure yet.”